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Happy November



Saturday I spent the day with my two grandchildren, Connor and Sage.  Just before lunch I got hit with the big question!

“Your staying to help us carve pumpkins aren’t you grandma?”

There it was…the big question….the pumpkins!


Sage Carving pumpkin

Sage Carving pumpkin


All I could think of was how strange it was that my daughter asked if I was spending the Saturday with the kids.  Pumpkins are not my favorite things to carve.  Oh sure, I like some of the candy, but not the dirty work.

Connor working on his pumpkin

Connor working on his pumpkin

Once I thought about it, I realized that both my daughter, and son-in-law were working all day, and I’d bet money they were both tired.  The last thing they would want to do is carve pumpkins, so I sucked it up, and carved pumpkins with the kids.  Later the next day my daughter called to thank me for taking care of the carving.  She said they were both so tired, and it really helped to see them finished.   (Kudos for Gramcracker)








Sage’s pumpkin all lit up!

Connors dragon lit up

Connors dragon lit up












Well we have one Scary Guy, and one Magic Unicorn….

Remember we always sort through all the candy just to make sure there isn’t anything dangerous in the bag.  AND… it’s our duty to check to make sure there isn’t anything too rich.  Sometimes that means questionable things need to be removed.  Things like  Snickers Bars, Hershey  Mini Bars,  that candy is way to rich for the kids to eat.    If there is, it’s our duty to remove the candy and eat it to make sure it is OK.  This is a sacrifice we parents make for our children… Remember if you ever feel guilty about the removal of sugar foods from the bags,  if your children were to eat all that rich candy, they would be bouncing off the walls, and you would be a very unhappy parent.  So it’s for their own good.  They will never understand this until whey have children of their own.  Never feel guilty!

Someday they too will have to sacrifice themselves to protect their own children.

I’ve been doing this for years, and fortunately there is never anything bad in the candy bags.





In The Garden


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With the weather getting nicer each day, the birds are singing, skies are blue, air is fresh, and life is good!  I’ve been negligent lately in writing, sketching, and posting.. I’m sorry, somehow I just can’t seem to get to doing what I love to do.  Everything seems to be pulling me in all different directions, and I mean everything!

My love is creating!  I’ve always said, if I have a paint brush in my hand, I’m happy!  It’s been this way since I was very small.  So, I know how to lose myself in my art, or even my studio.  Actually, the studio is much easier to lose myself in!  The drawings above art something I’ve been working on in-between all the other things that are pulling at me.  Just for fun, I thought I’d put them up to look at.  Maybe they will inspire someone else to stop, take a breath, and sketch a little!

A friend of mine once told me that the thing we love the most, is the very thing we seem to push away when things get hectic!  He was an artist, and very aware of how we side step our art when we feel stressed, or don’t have the time.  If when we get a pay check, we should pay ourselves first in the form of saving money, then shouldn’t we put that stress releaser  first,  at a time when we are way too busy for our own good?  I think we should!

Here and now I’m giving myself permission to be more gentle with myself, and instead of trying to do it all…….

Officially…..I’m just not going to worry about it!

From now on my art comes first, unless of course, someone is sick, starving, needs a walk, or some other perceived demise.

Guess what?  there is always someone who thinks what they have going on is more important than what I have going on!  Just today, I was sitting writing a little something on Plinky.   I’m right in the middle putting my thoughts down,  and my husband walks into the room, starts talking to me, & asking for my help.  Now the help he wanted was not an emergency, so it could have waited.  I asked him if he was aware that I was in the middle of something that was important to me?  His reply was, “I see that but, what I’m doing  is more important!”  Bless his heart!

This is what I mean.  interruptions from everywhere, at any time.  So the beat goes on……

I have decided I would spend a little time every morning journaling.  Visual journaling that is.  I’m writing to my muse.  You see, she hasn’t been playing with me, and that’s part of my problem.  I know it sounds crazy, but isn’t she the one who helps inspire me, keeps me going, and all that jazz?  We’ll,  she is falling down on the job — big time!  I’m in desperate need of her friendship at the moment.

This is how it is around here right now, and by the way, I have to go.  The dog needs a walk, and I have things to do.  We’ll talk soon!

The Practice Never Ends!

Model for the day!

Model for the day!

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Over the weekend, my friend and Art Sister, LaRetta took a class at the ArtBeat on Main Street in Vista. It’s a trendy gallery that the area is much in need of!  Scott Pryor was the artist,  and we were fortunate to have Billy as our model. Billy even brought his little dog, “Kilo” with him. Kilo spent the day visiting with everyone, and protecting the gallery from imminent danger!   Standing on concrete from 9am until 4pm,  left us all exhausted and ready to break out the wine…

But the wine had to wait!

Cleaning up all our supplies, packing them into the car, and driving home was about all we were good for,but we did it!

It has been years since my life drawing classes and my only thought was,  “Crap, how am I going to do this?”  Kicking my ego to the curb, I dug in like I knew what I was doing, and had a great time!  There were only including the instructor, so it was small enough to watch, ask questions, and paint without bumping into someone else.  Since my easel is far too large to be stuffed into the car, borrowing one from the gallery seemed like a good idea.

Believe it or not,

I  had to get help to set the easel up!  All my portable easels were old watercolor easels, and would never work for all it needed to do!  Once the gallery  easel was up, I set about fixing the acrylic paint so it wouldn’t dry out. Retarder  was the item of the day, and that was a   Snap!…

This isn’t perfect, far from it, but it was my first try at painting a portrait on location without the help of a sketch to get started!  There is much to be learned from painting this way, least of all – “ pay attention! “

Will I be doing this again?

You bet I will!  I had so much fun, and I love the idea of doing a painting in a day!  That’s why I loved abstract so much, get in, get out!  And it’s done!  However, once again it’s Practice, Practice, and more Practice!

The practice never ends!

Just Around The Corner


Just when I thought I was out of the woods, it hit me…

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Every year I make special Valentine cards, or ATC’s for my four grandkids and send them.  They are made with much love, and each one  is different.  The kids love getting them in the mail, and they are  always saved in a special place when Valentine’s Day is over.  I thought about this project maybe three weeks ago, just about the time I was crashing from exhaustion due to the holidays. I thought I had plenty of time!  And that was the last time I thought about Valentines!  Until now!

Now I’m thinking – “Why did I wait so long, it’s just around the corner?”  Not one thought until today!  So today is sketching, and thinking of exactly what I want to create.  After sketching a few simple Valentines, and what I might want to do, the ideas started rolling through my mind.  I think something different might be appreciated, so the hearts will hang three together, one below the other.  Maybe my pasta machine will magically appear!  I could roll some clay, cut out hearts of all sizes, and bake them.  Or, maybe I could make them out of felt , or wax paper with something pressed  between two heart-shaped  pieces.  The last two choices are pretty simple and take practically zero time to make.  But if the pasta machine comes willingly from its hiding place, that might be more fun.  Decorating the edges, writing messages in the centers of the hearts, it could be fun!  I have included some pictures of past valentines for you to see.  Maybe they will kick-start your ideas, or email me your valentines, and I’ll put them up on the next post!

Sometimes the simple things get me going…

These are all simple solutions for creating a Valentine surprise, but it’s funny how something so simple can awaken your muse, and start everything flowing again.  Especially since I feel frozen in time this winter!  I’m not going to lie, every winter I feel the cold, and dampness, and all I really want to do is curl up, and watch a movie – or in this case watch Season 1 and 2 of Downton Abby!  I am officially addicted to this series, and aside from it being really good, I couldn’t even tell you what pulls me in!

So Here It is…

If anyone out there plans to create something for Valentine’s Day, it’s a great time to start!   My sketch is made, but my ideas continue rolling in, and all that has to happen now is the pasta machine needs to find its way to my art table….

Dear Pasta Machine,  I promise to spit shine you when you get here!

Fake It ‘Till You Make It!


WordPress has many helpful posts that enable a blogger like myself to see their evil ways. At the beginning of December, my intention was to catch up on all the changes, and helpful tips WordPress had to teach me. I’ve seen my evil ways…and now I want to change them! Well, it probably will happen […]

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