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A Sincere Thank You

So. Carlsbad Beach in So California

So. Carlsbad Beach in So California

Over the weekend I had a lot of time to reflect on life, art, & family.  It dawned on me that since I’ve had my blog… I’ve been extremely fortunate.  Not just to have had inspiration enough to continue, because it is more difficult sometimes than other times.  But to have all the people let me know how they feel about the continent of what I write by following me.


I am so grateful for each and every one of you that have signed up to follow me, or followed my on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.

Each & every one of you!

Each & every one of you!

My followers are growing!  This to me is the inspiration I need to continue in spite of writers block, or even artists block.

Ponto Beach So of Carlsbad.

Ponto Beach So of Carlsbad.

My intent is to be able to be a better writer, a better story-teller while all the time still having time and energy to paint, and incorporate my art into this blog as well.  That is a big order, and admittedly I don’t always have time or energy to do both, but I have wanted to do both and it’s been working so far.



Excuses be gone!  (I think Dr. Wayne Dyer is the one who said it first, I’m just stealing it from him.)

All in all what I’m trying to say is this;  My readers are the life of Stone Soup, and with much Gratitude I say,

Thank You all!

Santa Fe cosmos

Santa Fe cosmos is a picture I took last September 2014.



Fake It ‘Till You Make It!


WordPress has many helpful posts that enable a blogger like myself to see their evil ways. At the beginning of December, my intention was to catch up on all the changes, and helpful tips WordPress had to teach me. I’ve seen my evil ways…and now I want to change them! Well, it probably will happen […]

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