Happy November



Saturday I spent the day with my two grandchildren, Connor and Sage.  Just before lunch I got hit with the big question!

“Your staying to help us carve pumpkins aren’t you grandma?”

There it was…the big question….the pumpkins!


Sage Carving pumpkin

Sage Carving pumpkin


All I could think of was how strange it was that my daughter asked if I was spending the Saturday with the kids.  Pumpkins are not my favorite things to carve.  Oh sure, I like some of the candy, but not the dirty work.

Connor working on his pumpkin

Connor working on his pumpkin

Once I thought about it, I realized that both my daughter, and son-in-law were working all day, and I’d bet money they were both tired.  The last thing they would want to do is carve pumpkins, so I sucked it up, and carved pumpkins with the kids.  Later the next day my daughter called to thank me for taking care of the carving.  She said they were both so tired, and it really helped to see them finished.   (Kudos for Gramcracker)








Sage’s pumpkin all lit up!

Connors dragon lit up

Connors dragon lit up












Well we have one Scary Guy, and one Magic Unicorn….

Remember we always sort through all the candy just to make sure there isn’t anything dangerous in the bag.  AND… it’s our duty to check to make sure there isn’t anything too rich.  Sometimes that means questionable things need to be removed.  Things like  Snickers Bars, Hershey  Mini Bars,  that candy is way to rich for the kids to eat.    If there is, it’s our duty to remove the candy and eat it to make sure it is OK.  This is a sacrifice we parents make for our children… Remember if you ever feel guilty about the removal of sugar foods from the bags,  if your children were to eat all that rich candy, they would be bouncing off the walls, and you would be a very unhappy parent.  So it’s for their own good.  They will never understand this until whey have children of their own.  Never feel guilty!

Someday they too will have to sacrifice themselves to protect their own children.

I’ve been doing this for years, and fortunately there is never anything bad in the candy bags.



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