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Nothing Is Off The Table…



I Love Hats!

Experimentation is the way we grow.  For me, if I’m not trying new things, I’m stagnant.  Many times I’ve been bottled up, afraid of I’m not sure what.  Or maybe not afraid, but rather uninspired.  That is a terrible place for anyone to be in.

We cannot have a lack of inspiration  in our enviroment if we want to survive!

Lately I’ve been experimenting constantly.  Each day I spend time either sketching, or painting.  I’m having so much fun with color, line, crayons, pens, and just about anything I can think of to play with.


When my grandson, Connor was about three, He would come over and pick out the longest paintbrush, and sit down to paint.  Later I’d find blue (his favorite color at the time) watercolor paint all over everything.  He had so much fun, and I’d have fun watching him let loose and paint big puddles of blue on the paper.  I always work at emulating his little three-year old person letting go.  Now when I experiment, I pretend I’m three-year old Karen just letting go and having fun.  It’s amazing how free that lets you feel.

These are all paintings I did while experimenting.  It hasn’t stopped and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Thank you for being here to check out Stone Soup.  See you soon!

The unexpected…


Of course I love Vincent Van Gogh, who doesn’t? I also love math, and how it plays such a huge part of art. So when I watched this Ted ed talk I had to share.

Lately, I’ve been busy with our tax’s, and the family. But even more recently I’ve been focusing on my art. Admittedly, I’m bored to death with my art. I’m stagnate, and not inspired by much of anything. Throughout the winter my art has been set aside, and only recently have I started dabbling in my paints. My knitting has taken off, and I call that therapy. Lots of therapy! Nothing has been finished, and I’m still knitting.

This video inspired me to at least think, and I believe thinking is good.

It has inspired me to get my movie out, “Loving Vincent, ” and watch it again. If you haven’t seen it, do go see it. Or, like I did just buy it and watch it over, and over again. That’s the kind of movie it is.

Thank you all for stopping to read Stone Soup, see you next time.



Take it, or leave it?   That is the question.

The number one thing that stops an artist or anyone else in their tracks. It is wonderful to do your best, and work hard at it. Some things require it! But repetition is something that will help overcome a persons inability to do our best. An artist for instance, in my opinion will create more interesting art if it comes from the heart, without the fear of painting a piece we think will not measure up.

I work very hard at ignoring what others think, knowing not everyone will like or appreciate my kind of art.  That’s ok, we aren’t all alike, and it doesn’t matter.  You can’t please everyone!

I thought this might help some of you to hear it from a different source….not me actually, and definitely not your mother!  Have fun creating whatever kind of creating you do.

Thank you for stopping to visit Stone Soup,  see you next time.