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Extreme Abstract


Artist Chris Bergstrom

I’m posting this abstract because  I can’t seem to get inspiration from my muse.  If fact I think, she’s on vacation….

This is a painting by artist Chris Bergstrom.  Chris is a fairly new artist, he’s only been painting since 2008, and as he grows as an artist I’m amazed at some of the work he creates.  He is humble, doesn’t allow others opinions to bother him, but still listens to legitimate critics.

When I look at an abstract, I sit and digest the art for a while.  As it sinks in, it changes my opinion of an abstract completely.  And of course, one either finds something they like, or never find anything they like about it. I have always thought the job of an artist was to create emotion.

That’s art, and you can’t please everyone.  It’s OK!

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What Color are you today?


Today I’m sitting here, feeling very mellow, and it occurred to me that if I had to paint how I feel, I’m not sure I could figure out what color I’d be.  Mellow being a good mellow!   I’m definitely not Blue…

Santa Fe skies

For sure I’m not feeling green…

I definitely don’t feel dirty, or brown…

Or even in the shadows….

So how do we paint our feelings?   I’m happy, well fed, relaxed, safe, loved, and……mellow.  How do I paint all that and clean too?

Have you ever tried to paint how you feel in a color?  If you were to do that, what color would you use, would it change daily, weekly, or at all?

This is what I feel like today..mellow, and happy!

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A Special Day!



Last week my granddaughter, Sage and I were able to spend an entire day together.  Sage is my little artist, and we always have so much fun together.

I picked Sage up, went to the bank, and together we decided to have lunch at Rubio’s. it was even nice enough to eat on the patio.

After lunch, Sage decided the thing she wanted most was to make art!  Why would I ever disappoint that girl?  So off we went to do art. My car was stuffed with new art supplies.  There were soft pastels, Canson colored sheets of paper, ideas for creating new things, new watercolor pallets for her to try, and two bags of goodies to use.

As you can see, we created for hours ,

and hours…

when we finished with our projects, Sage “tried” to teach me about an app on her iPhone.  Turns out you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks.   Apparently there are some things I just don’t get!

However, before I headed back home that day, Sage did manage to show me one more app that I’m not sure I know what to use it for.  This is what happens when I spend the day with my eleven year old granddaughter.

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This Explaines It All…


Many of you have wondered about Millie Gift Smith, and her story.  I should have researched more before I posted her video last week, but I had no idea she was out there and was so excited about finding her at all.

Apparently this was the first part of the video I posted first, and it is interesting.  She tells her story about her recent past and tells that she is 97 years old.  Bless her heart, she is truly an amazing artist and person.


“3 of 3”



Inspired by all the fall colors, and the fact that we are getting ready to take a vacation to Northern California, I decided to paint another watercolor….in fall colors!

For some reason the watercolors I was sick of working with many years ago, seem to be what brings me joy today.  The mixing  of paint; watercolors, acrylic and even ink seem to be calming to me at a time when everyone is agitated about politics.  Boy, will I be glad when the election is over, the ads will be off the TV, and we can get back to talking about the  small stuff.

One of the reasons I stopped working in watercolors was the  length of drying time.  My creative self  started demanding instant gratification, and working on a painting that somehow was finished in a day or two was more than enticing.  Each piece was so different, as is the acrylic,  the time spent on just one petal or leaf seemed like forever, time spent on an acrylic petal, or leaf was oh so quick.  The fact that a watercolor has to be treated differently to hang it in a room, is surly a downside, but hey I’m up for a challenge.  Why not seal it, and mount it to a canvas.  It’s been done before, and it will be done again!

I’m an experimental artist, so let’s experiment!

Les and I are headed to Lake Tahoe later this week, and I expect to come home so revitalized, refreshed and once again grounded.  The air and trees always inspire me, and I don’t expect this time to be any different.  Nature is so amazing…..

Temperatures up North have dropped, from what we are use to  that is.  It’s cold up there and I expect we pansys are going to feel like it’s freezing.  We feel like it’s freezing when it get to the 60’s here.  We will moan, and groan, and rush from one place to another.  We aren’t going up there to gamble, just to be refreshed, and have a change of pace.  To regain an appreciation for all that we don’t have in Southern California.

There will be no hunkering down to keep warm at the expense of adventure!

Our plan is to visit some friends while up there, and let them tease us about how light weight we are for thinking it’s cold.  After all, they’re use to it, and I’m sure it won’t be as cold as it will be later in the winter.  They’ll have every right to tease us!   It will be a treat to have people we know to share dinner with, and maybe even a fire in the fireplace!

I’m hoping to do a little sketching… so my sketch book, and  pens are ready to go.  We are both looking forward to our little adventure before the holidays.

Happy Halloween everyone…..