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If you can’t paint, drink it!


I know this is really simple, but sometimes simple is better.  I’ve been busy painting during the day, and watching TV and making dinner for my husband in the evening.  All in all, I forget to sit down and post until I’m in bet late at night.  I awake with great intentions,  but my day gets away from me.

Excuses, excuses!

Even though I am giving excuses, we are all busy and I’m sure at times all our days get busy.  So enough.  I found this extremely simple video, and thought if I can paint a wine glass like this, I can paint an abstract glass with wine.  My theory being if it doesn’t work,  and painting this seems impossible,  drink your model!!!  Try it, it may work for a relaxing afternoon or evening!

Thank you for checking up on Stone Soup,  I’ll post paintings as soon as I’m sure they are finished.  See you soon….

Something Outside the Box!


You know I love to create in different ways, and I’m always up for a challenge. When I ran into this video, I thought it might be an interesting project in the near future.  A friend of mine has been telling me about bleach pen art, and how she’d like to play around with the idea.  I think it might be fun to try…….what about you?

Why Not?


This time of year we are all not just a little busy, but with the holidays, it is difficult to find time for the things we need to keep us balanced, and happy.  This certainly is the case with me.  Usually the last three months of the year are busy with the beginning of holiday shopping, preparation of Thanksgiving, and gifts.  My thoughts are always in the gift giving mode.  What to buy whom, what will the grandkids love,  what about my grown kids, and what about my hubby.  My hubby and I are good to each other all through the year, so there isn’t pressure there, but we still like to surprise each other with a little  something we want.

This artist is just what I needed to see right now.  Her free style and fun of painting is perfect for me!  This is a large painting, and in my home there isn’t anywhere I could stretch out a canvas this large, unless maybe the driveway.  But……there are smaller versions of this style of art, versions  anaything anyone could imagine to paint.

I particularly love the jeans, and how she wipes her spatula off on her leg!  My kind of gal!  I’ll bet all her clothes have paint on them,  just like most of us.  In fact my motto is,  if it doesn’t have paint on it, I’m not trying hard enough!

I hope you find some kind of inspiration from this video, I know I did.  And even though I don’t have a lot of time to create this time of year,  it does take the stress of the holidays away just watching how free her work is!

What’s An Artist To Do?


Abstract Tiger Lilly


Lately I’ve been working with watercolor, and acrylics, and my subject is usually abstract.  This time I decided to dig through all my supplies and find a small sample kit of Aqua-Oils to try.  I’ve had them for a few years, and never even opened the box to look.  This time it seemed appropriate to try a new medium.  So off came their lids, out came the brushes, and the only thing that came to mind were more abstract flowers!

After painting with these oils for a while, I realized that I had a learning curve.  The paints didn’t seem creamy like oils, and not as workable as acrylics, I felt like I needed to build the color to get the results I was looking for.  Maybe they were a slight bit dried out, although they didn’t seem that way.  but hey they were inexpensive and I’m trying something new.

When the whole thing was said and done, I think I just like  plain old oils better.  Many artists love Aqua-Oils, and don’t have any trouble with them.  For some reason I didn’t find them as forgiving as oils, or acrylics.  My purchase was small, and I certainly haven’t lost anything, so I’m happy I had the opportunity to use them.  That being said, I still have quite a lot of those little tubes left, some of them without ever having  had their tops off!   So I will use them until they are finished, and keep trying to get  them working for me.

After all….what is an artist  to do?

Abstract Faces


As most of you know from watching my blog, Bob Burridge is one of my favorite artists!  He is loose, and fun to take a class from.  But, most of all his method really works.  I have taken many classes from Bob, and have never been disappointed…not even once.  I have however, left his class dragging, unable to do much else for the remainder of the day.  If the class is a week long class, be prepared to take a week to recuperate.  He has that much energy, and isn’t afraid to share it with all the students!

For me, it isn’t as easy as it looks, or maybe I’m trying too hard, regardless of the reason, I keep trying.  While I finish up the last two abstracts, I thought you might like to watch this video.  Even Bob doesn’t get it right the first time!  By the way, he had a great website with all kinds of information.  Check it out, and sign up for his newsletters…it’s free!



The Watercolors Are Finished!

Fall is on it's Way Abstract

“Fall is on it’s Way”   –   Abstract  2 of 2

After months of agonizing, awake off and on all night, and thinking about them all day, I finally finished.  Once I got my right brain working, and started seeing how the acrylic colors looked over the water colors, I began to really get into it.  The first one I have posted, but the last one is the one above and is now finished.

I know my friend will love them.  They are very colorful and happy.  That is really the only way I could work on them.

They had to let me know it was ok to color them happy!

Are they happy to you, or do you prefer something more subdued?  I always love color, color to me is joyous and happy.  It helps ground me, and energizes me.   We are all so different.  Many of you would prefer softer colors, calming colors, colors that help you relax, & possibly help get you in a meditative state.  I understand that also.

Garden Fantisy 1 of 2

Garden Fantisy
1 of 2

Let me know what you think, what you prefer, and even let me see the kind of art you love.   All art is from the heart,  that must be why we are so darn sensitive about showing it.  No judgement here!  I’m struggling just like everyone else, and the more I do the better I get at it.

My son Chris tells me that,  “it’s the journey, not the finished product. ” 

Art is healing, it’s a process, and we always have it when we most need an outlet.