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What do we do when it’s to hot to do anything?



Now as the summer heats up, and we all get just a little at the end of our rope, this is the time to sit in front of a fan and  sketch.  As  I’ve told everyone many times, I’m a “Goldie Locks Girl!”  I like it just right….not too hot, not too cold.  Needless to say, this is not my favorite time of year.  It is way too hot for me to function, and if I do go out of the house for any reason, it has to be early, late,  or I’m out.

What do we do?

This is what I do… I will sketch, draw on rocks, cut images out and glue them on paper, sometimes I look for ideas on Pintrist.    Sometimes I’ll take a picture out of the paper or a magazine, and just draw it.  This gives me an idea of how to shade a subject or the perspective of a subject next to something else.

That’s cheating!

In my eyes, that’s just practicing.   Art students copy the masters all the time enabling them to study a particular artist, a method, or just perfecting their skills.  I’m working all the time on simply getting better at what I do.  If I’m not trying to sell these little sketches, how can it hurt anyone.  On the other hand, I think it’s very difficult for me  to copy a piece of art.  I can’t help changing things, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.  I always have to put “me” into what I do.  So, no I don’t think I’m copying anyone.

Inspiration comes from everywhere!

Often I say that I’m inspired by many things.  It could be nature, or someone elses style, or color palate.  I love color, and I’m always seeing something new, and creative in my world.  Isn’t that why we take classes from an artist we admire?  I frequently sign up for an online class in hopes of learning a new technique.  The classes are usually Pen & Ink, or Sketching on the Move (that one I’m still working on).  But I believe everything we do, think, and experience makes us, and our art more interesting.

I thought this little video would be of some help in getting everyone going, because I think it never hurts to get another kick start, or see something from another artists eye.  Coffee shops are a great place to find new material.

Thank you for following me, and checking in to see what’s happening. Each of you provide me with a wealth of inspiration, and add to my creativity.  I hope I can do the same for you.

See you soon….

Making Changes!

Orchid in Abstract

Orchid in Abstract

Good morning everyone. Since I wrote this a couple of days ago, I haven’t any idea if it’s raining at the moment, or if the sun is playing with us. It’s been chilly here in Southern California, and since I live ten miles off the Pacific Ocean, it’s a bit damp.     Just so we’re clear, in no way am I complaining!  I’m only in Southern California….not Main or New York, or even Michigan. The people who live there have reason to complain about cold and dampness.                                                                        No, I’m not complaining.

Its been a long time since I’ve been able to actually gather enough thoughts to sit down and blog. . Today, Tuesday, I sat down with a big, warm, coconut infused Yerba Mate tea and decided I needed to pick myself up, and make some changes!

Changes come in all kinds of ways, sizes, shapes and forms. Of course the first thing I need to do is make time for you, and my blog.  The next thing is letting all of you know that KarenSamenow with StoneSoup will now be known as Karen’s Stone Soup…

Since some of the changes are to my  blog, and Yes they will be positive changes, and some changes are to my home!  As much as I love the colorful background of my blog, I’m going to replace it as soon as I can learn how to do that.   LOL   Some changes have already taken place.  Like me even thinking about changes!

Admittedly, I have lost touch with the workings of blogging, and I’m working at getting back to a place where I’m fluid at posting new items of interest within my blog.   Blogging is a full-time job, and  I also have interests in  creating my art, my family, and exploring and/or traveling. I belong to an  art group where we critique one another, explore new ideas, or sometimes just stop and relax with a cup of something good!  We support each other through great times, and sad times. Sometimes that means just setting aside creating, and being supportive.  So twice a week is going to be a standard for me, or I won’t have anything to blog about!

It is my hope you will like the changes as much as I do, and find it easier to negociate  your way around Stone Soup.  Thank you for being here, you are the people  keeping me going and giving me inspiration.  🌞👩🏻‍🎨☔️🕗

Sketching & Exploring


Running of http://cfai.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0f4a66b80bc8bf5cda00e2b86&id=e100cf1954&e=2979836a9b

When I mentioned previously that I was a “Goldie Locks Girl,” I wasn’t kidding!  Temperatures were in the 20’s at night and 50’s during the day. The days were windy, and dry…very dry. Nights were very cold, and well, we just didn’t go out!   How can I complain when nature is so beautiful, and inspiring.   Although we fiound it cold in mornings and late afternoons, I was still able to get a little sketching in.


I regretted not taking my paints, at least my watercolor paints.  Since it was so cold and windy during the day, we were either in the car exploring, or at the resort.  I stiffened up like a pop sickle just out of the freezer!  My paints would have helped keep me busy working out color schemes, and designs.  The colors in Tahoe were breathtaking. . .  In Southern California we are literally living in a Mediterranean climate,  it’s hot and dry.


Many pictures  were snapped that still have to be edited out, the good ones will remain to be inspiration.



The day we left Lake Tahoe we did more exploring. We drove up to the little town on Truckee, not far from Lake Tahoe. Had we  had another day, I would have loved to poke around looking into the handful of artsie fartsie shops created just for people like me.  Another day another time!  This time I saved money by not having time!

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

The colors were so beautiful I had to make an effort to capture them in a photo, even if it was from the car.img_0449

Just a few of many, even the weeds were beautiful with the sun back lighting them.


As we left the magical mountains, and the wisdom of the trees, I had to stop and take a moment to appreciate all that nature has to offer.  All the peace and tranquility I was able to breathe in, and all the wonderful memories I now have to return home with.


Thank you for taking time to read Stone Soup,  I hope you enjoy the mix of ideas, and artwork I try to express.


Thursdays Time out for Art




This little guy was frozen on our back fence one evening as we googled, and gawked at him.  He stayed there for what seemed like hours. I guess what they do, and why they say they play possum!   How could I not sketch him?  A little side information on Possums, I found interesting.

Time out for Art is inspired by Zebra Designs and Destinations.

Packing Up and Heading Out!


After weeks of planning, my husband Les, and myself are finally packing our bags in preparation for our Scandinavian/Russian cruise. It’s an exciting time for us, since we never thought we’d take a cruise like this!

But here it is…

The camera is ready, my iPad is charged, we have sufficient underwear for the trip (Mom always said to havean extra pair of clean underwear with you when you travel), and we’re now running around in circles.  You know when you get to that point where you’re so excited, and don’t know what to do next?

I have decided on almost all the clothes I’m going to take, with only a few last-minute decisions to make.  We both have packed, all except for the last-minute bag, and Daisy, and Kramer will be on vacation too….from us!

I made us bags of trail mix for our backpacks, and have turkey jerky in an emergency! The emergency would be… horribly, bad airplane food! I won’t let us starve on this fourteen hour journey, not me!

The thought of  going to Europe again is exciting in itself, but going to a place I never thought I’d be able to go, is beyond exciting.  I’m told that Russian food is really bad!  I guess I’ll find out, because when I travel, I like to try new foods, talk to people, and see the kind of places  they live in.  I  love different cultures, and the colors that are used in any culture.   Although, I’m not too sure Russia is very colorful, who knows, I might be pleasantly surprised!    I can’t wait to see those cathedrals, and the beautiful domes, and maybe sketch a few!  We are taking a tour which I think is a really good idea, because there are so many restrictions going into this country, I wouldn’t want to do it any other way!  I wouldn’t want to get detained, and have to spend the rest of my life there!

We have other stops of course, but two days in St. Petersburg is what I’m excited about!

Oh yes, I’m taking a visual journal too:  pens, and pencils, and Inktense blocks too!   I even have a couple of tortilliones!

Usually when I travel, I journal.  This makes for interesting memories, even if the sketches aren’t perfect.  As you know, being a recovering perfectionist…..I don’t do perfect!

I can’t wait to tell you more.  Stay tuned for the Travels of Les and Karen!