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Empty Promises!


The skies are gray and cloudy on this Monday morning as we eagerly await a promised thunder, lightning, and rain storm.   We had a wonderful winter with many rain storms, but I really want some drama along with that lovely rain.   California is just coming out of a drought, and the Southern part never gets as much as the Northern part.

I was born in Michigan, on the outskirts of Detroit, in Royal Oaks, a then thriving community.  We had many thunder storms, and even as a young child, I loved rain, thunder, and lightning.   In the 50’s, my mother, and all three of us kids would take the train from the Union Station in Los Angeles, all the way to Indiana to visit my Great Grandma. After we visited for a few weeks, we’d all get back on the train, and go to Michigan to visit my Grandma.   Those were some of the most memorable times of my young life.

The three of usl made new friends in both places, and each time we’d visit, we looked forward to re-establishing our friendships. The one thing I loved to do with my sister, and brother was look for fireflies. We’d put them in mason jars, and  the fireflies would be flickering  off, and on as we pretended we were exploring in the neighborhood.  Back then...in olden days, we didn’t need to worry about being out after dark, and we played outside for hours.  By the time Mom called us in to get ready for bed, it was dark outside, and hot and humid in the house, we could hardly sleep at night.  The next day thunder storms would pop up, it would rain, and the whole thing would start over.  We had wonderful trips, and lasting memories to share.

At the end of our vacation, my father would drive to Michigan, pick us up, and we’d then have another adventure on the way home.  Dad would have three weeks off, so we were able to see a lot of America.  The stories I have to tell …Oy!  That will happen nother time…..


Today as we wait for the promised storm, all my flowers, and plants are eager to get some of that precious rain.  My plumeria is starting to bloom, and eager for more water.  I even planted a few herbs to start my herb garden.  Sage, chives and, basil are new.   The rosemary is thriving, and my cilantro has seeded itself, and probably won’t be back up until later this year or early next year.  I can’t do without my cilantro, so if it takes too long I’ll buy another plant.

While I’m waiting for rain…I’m planning my next painting, getting my sketch book ready, and ……Oh No,  it seems to be clearing up.  Still a little humid, we received all of 23 1/2 rain drops.  Not enough to entice my plants into growing overnight.   I am so disappointed that it isn’t going to rain, but maybe the next storm will bring rain, and thunder.  In the meantime I’m going to start working on my next sketch, and have a relaxing evening.

By for now, thank you for checking in on Stone Soup.   See you next time……


Things I’d Forgotten


Over the years, as I’ve changed my medium, my style, tried & experimented I’ve realized that my drawing skills have fallen behind, and I’ve always loved drawing. So recently it’s been my decision to start sketching again, & I’m loving it.
Sketching is something I can do that’s fun & not so serious, not that anything I do is intended or serious!

What Is Tyvek


Many artists use Tyvek in their art, and in unexpected ways.  This is just one way of working with this amazing paper.  Both mixed media artists, and journalists use this product, and I’m guessing if we put our heads together we can find all kinds of ways to use Tyvek in our artwork.

This was interesting to me because it occurred to me that my way of using this product wouldn’t be like this, not that it’s wrong, it’s just not how I’d use it.  Admittedly I’ve only tried it once with the heat gun, and it did exactly what it did in this demo.  Working with it while it’s all bawled up and curled at the edges takes the steam out of my sails….so to speak.  As I’m thinking about it, Tyvek would be perfect for beads also.  Since I don’t make anything with hand-made beads, it’s only a suggestion…

Bunny Tails

Bubbles in her birthing cage

Bubbles in her birthing cage

I wanted to update you on Bubbles condition…..

Bubbles doesn’t want to be held now, she is acting a little strange, and she will let you scratch her ears, but nothing else.  This behavior leads her family to believe she is pregnant and will have her little bunnies within the next two weeks or so.

This is exciting news for Bubbles and her family.   They won’t be Easter Bunnies,  but they will be ready to go sometime after Easter.

I can’t wait to get pictures of all the little bunnies, and Bubbles to show you.

Stay tuned for more in the life of Bubbles, and thank you for hopping by to check on her.