Oh Yes, it has been completed for a while now!  The problem is when we are on standard time, I’m hibernating.  When we are on Daylight Savings Time,   I crawl out of hibernation, and can get things done.  Just because I said I could get things done, don’t expect a post every day.

No, No, No!

I  once said it took all my time to blog, edit, & post a fairly decent piece.  When I’m blogging, I really don’t get too much else accomplished.  That means, no painting, cooking, laundry, cleaning…either me or the house!   Absolutely nothing is accomplished.  Sometimes I even stay in my PJ’s, and work in my studio, you should try it sometime,  it’s fun!

That said, I’m going to try something a little different.  You see, I really do love to write, and blogging is my form of writing.  Simple as it may be, it makes me happy to share.  So today I’ll start off with a little on the finished Sketchbook Project, and maybe with any luck at all, I can post weekly instead of bi-yearly!  That was never my intention.

I finished the Sketchbook Project, and sent it in the middle of January.  I had set it up to tour the Chicago area, and all the places included in that tour.  Later I received notification that everyone was going to tour the entire United States.  You know what that means?

I’m going to be Famous!

Well, maybe not quite!  But it will be fun to go to San Diego and see all my friends books, and my own.  I took some pictures of several of the pages just to show everyone, I really did do a sketchbook.  It isn’t perfect, my art is never perfect… by design.  Personally, I think art is more interesting when it’s not perfect, and besides my hand shakes when I work at perfection!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There it is, I did it! That was my first project, and it was fun.  As you can clearly see, anything goes!  My book for next year is setting in my studio just waiting for me to decide on a theme.

Now that wasn’t so difficult was it?  Until next time…….

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