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Awakening The Creative



Last Thursday night I was inspired to attend a lecture, and hands on painting class at the Oceanside Museum of Art.  The lecture was about Pablo Picasso, Henri Monet, and their similarities.  It could  have gone on for another hour, and everyone would have  been glued to the screen. All of the artists came away inspired and ready to create a one of a kind master piece…including myself!

My own brushes were at my side (I”m no dummy), ready for the gates to open, and the bell to ring!  After selecting a pallet of colors, a piece of watercolor paper (because, well…I know what to do with W/C paper), and some black and white copies of paintings each artist had created in their careers, I was loaded with ideas!  My intent was to create an abstract face.  But for some reason the first painting I created, if you can call it that, wasn’t a face at all.  It was abstract all right, it’s up to you to decide exactly what it is!!!

Now,  this was the time to let go, and do something I’ve been wanting to do….  It didn’t help that we were using acrylic craft paints.  They don’t dry very fast, and they haven’t a lot of pigment.  It seems to me that if you are truly an artist, it should be a snap to work with whatever you have, but I guess that means I’m not an artist.   After the first abstract, I was so deflated that I almost gave up.   The thing is, I don’t give up!  And that is why I went back to the table, grabbed a canvas,  and created my first “abstract self.”  It’s titled “Now and Then!”

The process was so much fun, and because I was squeezing it in at the end of the class, there was a time constraint.  To me that said…hurry,hurry,hurry!  I think I work better under pressure!

Friday morning I turned on my computer to check my email, and I found this podcast waiting for me.  It was  perfect timing?  After being surrounded with people huffing, and puffing, sighing, and grunting because they were afraid to put a brush to a canvas in fear of making a mistake, I decided to write my blog about this very thing.  The podcast is short, it only takes a few minutes, but worth the time.

 Awakening the Creative…

I hope you enjoy listening to  the ” Intuitive Painting Process. ” Thanks for checking in on Stone Soup, see you soon!

Squealwith Joy!


I’ve only seen one demo by Chris Cozen, but when I did my inner child had a very good time.   Chris is a mixed media artist living in Southern California.   She is fun to watch, and will get you thinking you need “more paints,” “more supplies!”

I kid you not,  your inner child will squeal with joy!

Artists Hacks…..


I actually got a couple of things out of this little video. You know how things get forgotten over time? Well, This was just a little reminder about a few hacks I’d totally set aside and forgotten.

Robin Clonts is a cute young painter with ideas, take a look.  Maybe you can get something out of this video too!

What’s An Artist To Do?


Abstract Tiger Lilly


Lately I’ve been working with watercolor, and acrylics, and my subject is usually abstract.  This time I decided to dig through all my supplies and find a small sample kit of Aqua-Oils to try.  I’ve had them for a few years, and never even opened the box to look.  This time it seemed appropriate to try a new medium.  So off came their lids, out came the brushes, and the only thing that came to mind were more abstract flowers!

After painting with these oils for a while, I realized that I had a learning curve.  The paints didn’t seem creamy like oils, and not as workable as acrylics, I felt like I needed to build the color to get the results I was looking for.  Maybe they were a slight bit dried out, although they didn’t seem that way.  but hey they were inexpensive and I’m trying something new.

When the whole thing was said and done, I think I just like  plain old oils better.  Many artists love Aqua-Oils, and don’t have any trouble with them.  For some reason I didn’t find them as forgiving as oils, or acrylics.  My purchase was small, and I certainly haven’t lost anything, so I’m happy I had the opportunity to use them.  That being said, I still have quite a lot of those little tubes left, some of them without ever having  had their tops off!   So I will use them until they are finished, and keep trying to get  them working for me.

After all….what is an artist  to do?

My Heart Is Heavy



Karin de Baay, Barbara Thuro, & myself on right in San Miguel de allente

Karin de Baay, Barbara Thuro, & myself on right in San Miguel de Allende

Over the weekend, especially Sunday, I have been able to work in my studio without distraction. In part because “Football” has overtaken our house!  In many ways I love it when football season starts, and I can work without interruption.

The truth is…..

I am rattling around trying to get my mind back onto my art, or my blog, and trying so hard to not drop the ball on any of my creating.  The paint or the blog.

 Barbara, Karin, myself San Miguel de Alliente, Mexico 2009

Barbara, Karin, myself San Miguel de Alliente, Mexico 2009

Last Friday afternoon, I received   an unexpected phone call as I was leaving the house to take flowers to a sick friend.  I had just picked up my purse, my keys, and  a beautiful bunch of roses in hopes of lifting my friends spirits.  I looked down at my phone and realized I’d missed a call, so everything went back on the kitchen counter to check my message.  As I listened to the message,  I realized it was from a Chaplain at San Diego Hospice calling to inform me of my friends passing the day before.  I was in shock when I heard the news, especially since I was headed to see her before I stopped to check this darn message.  It was as if,  had I not stopped, my friend would still be alive to great me.

Barbaras beautiful your & waterfall.

Barbara’s beautiful yard  & waterfall.

Over the past few days my mind has been all over the place, and I’ve had a little trouble concentrating on writing, or painting.  I continue to try….and I’m doing a little at a time.  That’s better than nothing.  Mostly I’ve been reflecting on our amazing friendship.

The waterfall in Barbar's garden

The waterfall in Barbra’s garden.

My dear friend, Barbara Thuro, whom I’ve traveled with, laughed, and cried with.  Gone through hard times, and wonderful times.  Had parties with girlfriends with, sat together during debates, and elections.  Always having a pizza party, with wine, crackers, and cheese,  and always in front of a roaring fire while watching the results of whatever presidential election was taking place at the time.

Koi in the pond

Koi in the pond

Barbara has tought me how to plant vegetables, and compost.  She had tirelessly tried to teach me spanish,  and as much as I really wanted to learn, I have only retained a little (poquito).

My heart is heavy for not just my loss, but for everyone’s loss.  Barbara was a painter, a gardener, an author, an environmentalist,  she had a great appreciation for our beautiful earth, humanity, equal rights, she was an educator, and so much more.  I’m going to miss you Barbara, but I hold dear to my heart all the wonderful times we have had together, the wonderful places we have traveled, the times we’ve cooked together, painted together. Cried over our four-legged family members that had passed.  My grandchildren loved her, Barbara always tried to show them something interesting.  Being a teacher for many years knew just how to relate to kids.  They have always love going to Auntie Barbara’s house to sit in the tree house, or watch the koi pond, pick vegetables, or just sit in front of the fire.  We have celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas together.  It is their loss also.

Outside our B & B in San Miguel.

Outside our B & B in San Miguel.

This is such a simple version of who this highly intelligent woman was, and how she lived.  She is an example to us all, she has set the bar high, and I will dearly miss her.

Tuesday Augest 18th



I might add that I love to laugh, but I really love to paint, so can I add “Paint”  to that quote…please?

The post that posted on Sunday was actually supposed to post on Tuesday.  I spend a lot of time on my posts, and I’m sure that my husband Les could still find mistakes.  So, since my Tuesday post was early I’m going to do something really easy………on me!