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Happy New Year



A year of creativity, good health, prosperity, love, patience, tolerance, and much more.   For me, I’m going to have a wonderful year.  I have around me very supportive family and some dear friends that always guide me and support my endeavours.  What more can a girl have?

With so much energy from a fun and blessed day with family, I painted this little floral the day after Christmas.  Once I started it I couldn’t stop, and had to incorporate tissue into this one.  It was new for me to try, and I intend to keep pushing myself all 2017.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday, and a safe and special New Year.

Keep Creating!

Why Not?


This time of year we are all not just a little busy, but with the holidays, it is difficult to find time for the things we need to keep us balanced, and happy.  This certainly is the case with me.  Usually the last three months of the year are busy with the beginning of holiday shopping, preparation of Thanksgiving, and gifts.  My thoughts are always in the gift giving mode.  What to buy whom, what will the grandkids love,  what about my grown kids, and what about my hubby.  My hubby and I are good to each other all through the year, so there isn’t pressure there, but we still like to surprise each other with a little  something we want.

This artist is just what I needed to see right now.  Her free style and fun of painting is perfect for me!  This is a large painting, and in my home there isn’t anywhere I could stretch out a canvas this large, unless maybe the driveway.  But……there are smaller versions of this style of art, versions  anaything anyone could imagine to paint.

I particularly love the jeans, and how she wipes her spatula off on her leg!  My kind of gal!  I’ll bet all her clothes have paint on them,  just like most of us.  In fact my motto is,  if it doesn’t have paint on it, I’m not trying hard enough!

I hope you find some kind of inspiration from this video, I know I did.  And even though I don’t have a lot of time to create this time of year,  it does take the stress of the holidays away just watching how free her work is!

How to paint Van Gough Sunflowers


Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday, and a safe, happy New Year Celebration.

I much appreciate being able to take a little break from blogging the month of December, and focus on family, and making Christmas perfect for our kiddos. Now I feel revitalized and ready to get back to painting, blogging, and just plain having fun!

Today I thought this video from YouTube would be a great start to the new year.  Ginger Cook is doing this one, and I really like the way she takes it step by step.  She describes her process in a way that beginners, and seasoned painters alike can find helpful methods for using color, texture, and dimension alike to explain her  process.

It is my hope that everyone will find something they can use in this demo.

It’s good to be back, and look forward to another wonderful year of Stone Soup!

Holiday Ideas…


Since we are now officially into October, the pressure is on for parents, and grandparents all over the globe.  The holidays are quickly coming, and those of us with smaller children, or children that are not so small, but are pretending to believe…(In the big man with the red suit)!  This isn’t just for those who celebrate Christmas, but celebrate the holidays in other ways as well.

The Hoverboard is just one idea for the older kid who is on the cusp of realizing if they still believe…..they will have more fun, and the holidays will still be all about them!  I know these are a little pricey, but this may be something your child or grandchild has wanted for a long time.  This little video tells you so mych about how easy it is to ride, and much more.  I have included a link to Amazon.com as a starting point for your research.  There are reviews on Amazon, and that’s where I start when researching a product I’m thinking about purchasing. FYI:  These come in different sizes, and different prices.  I’m told they are all made by the same company under different names, and I think this one is made in USA.

There is so much this time of year to do, and never enough time to do it in.  A huge effort is made in our home to relax and enjoy life regardless of the time of year.  The closer to the holidays we get the more frantic things become.  We still have little kids, who still believe, and far be it for me to tell them otherwise.  It is the children who make the holidays special in any home.

Sales, Sales, Sales

Any minute now we should be getting the holiday sale catalogues and adds for stuff you don’t even want.  Yippy…..more junk mail.  Soon we’ll need a larger recycle barrel.

Still it’s an exciting time, and as a grandma….I’ll will never get away  cheeply.

‘Twas Four Days Before Christmas,


Bamboozled By My Muse!