Bamboozled By My Muse!


This post was going to be about creating interesting  tags to put on  presents but  – THAT’S  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Tags that you  find in a store are still in the store!  There isn’t anything different about them, they’re just ho-hum tags,  and so far I’ve avoided shopping unless it’s on the internet!  I know, I know, your thinking, “that’s the fun of the holidays, shopping!”  In that case I say to you, “You must not have enough to do, or be disgustingly  young to want to battle the crowds during the holiday season!”  The older I get, the less I want to go to any mall, and shop!

Hear’s My Story…

Today while wrapping presents with my husband Les, I mentioned to him,  we needed to remember this particular gift was for Chris.  Again, no tags!  His reply was, “Why don’t you use a marker, and write on the package?”  Well, by golly that’s a clever idea, why don’t I?  Let me just interject that in years past, never in a million years would this have been an acceptable solution!  Does this mean I’m getting lazy?  Or just old?  Clearly, there isn’t any good answer!

After thinking about Les’ suggestion, I remembered two paint pens in my studio that to this day, I had never used.  One is gold, and one is silver.  After searching high, and low in my studio that desperately needs to be cleaned up, and organized, I was able to find the silver paint pen!

Feeling particularly tickled about finding a so-called, needle in a haystack, I ran to the dining room with the pen,  shaking it up, and down all the way through my kitchen.  This was going to be good, I could be creative while writing a greeting right on top of the brown paper!   Can you see how optimistic I was?  However, as I pulled off the top to the paint pen, it flew out of my hands, and there  I was looking down at a “spongy thingie” that clearly had fallen out of the pen itself.  CRAP!  CRAP! CRAP!    As I looked to see where the lid had flown, I realized there was silver paint not just all over my hands, but…..

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There was silver paint all over my dining room table too!  Now what do I do?  All I could think of was, find the alcohol!   I had no idea if it would work, but I had to do something!  Wiping it off wasn’t working, it had dried immediately,  CRAP!  To say I flew into my studio looking for alcohol is an understatement, I flew at warp speed!  Do you think I could find my 99% alcohol?  I could barely find the silver paint pen in the first place, so I picked up the regular stuff, and saturated a paper towel.  After rubbing the paint on the table over and over, most of it came off with little to no damage to our table.   If my husband had done this, I would have been furious!  Fortunately for Les, it was me who plastered the silver paint where it didn’t belong, so I was the one trying to look invisible at the moment!   After this little incident, I think  I have earned creative license for a stencil project on the dining room table, right?  Yippy

Clearly the devil made her  do it!  

Several months have gone by with me thinking, someday after the dining room table gets scratched, I wanted to stencil and paint it. The table already had some scratches, but until today – no silver paint.  I love different ways of expressing myself, but who knew I’d be bamboozled into a furniture project by my very own muse?

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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