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An Unexpected Diva Day!



Last Saturday was the monthly Diva Day.  The fact is most everyone was either out-of-town, or busy in another way.  So what do you do when your monthly girl day falls apart?   That’s what we did……Maxine and I had our Diva Day together, without the others.   My painting still needs a few finishing touches, they will come in the next day or two.  But it was lots of fun just painting with just the two of us…

It seemed very quiet, and after talking about how, sometimes quiet is good, we decided to put some music on and liven the place up.

Maxine was still working on her art when I left at one in the afternoon, but as always she produces wonderful pieces, and I love watching her work.

While I was packing up, I noticed ants just walking around her home like they owned the place.  We never tracked them down, and haven’t any idea where they came from, or what they were after…..But they cannot stay!


Later after lunch, my husband and I went to Trader Joes to pick up a few things, and the entire trip  was nothing but red lights.

Another sit and wait day.

Thank you for visiting Stone Soup, see you soon…..

A Special Day!



Last week my granddaughter, Sage and I were able to spend an entire day together.  Sage is my little artist, and we always have so much fun together.

I picked Sage up, went to the bank, and together we decided to have lunch at Rubio’s. it was even nice enough to eat on the patio.

After lunch, Sage decided the thing she wanted most was to make art!  Why would I ever disappoint that girl?  So off we went to do art. My car was stuffed with new art supplies.  There were soft pastels, Canson colored sheets of paper, ideas for creating new things, new watercolor pallets for her to try, and two bags of goodies to use.

As you can see, we created for hours ,

and hours…

when we finished with our projects, Sage “tried” to teach me about an app on her iPhone.  Turns out you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks.   Apparently there are some things I just don’t get!

However, before I headed back home that day, Sage did manage to show me one more app that I’m not sure I know what to use it for.  This is what happens when I spend the day with my eleven year old granddaughter.

Thanks for checking in on Stone Soup, see you next time. Don’t forget to check Zebra Designs & Destinations for a little art, and adventure. It’s Thursdays Time out for Art!

Creating Cells…


This might be of interest…

This is what one would call cells. They have a kind of interesting shapes, colors, and movement to them. I never know if this will be something I’ll ever use, but should I ever think I need something different, maybe this will be just exactly  the ticket!

This Explaines It All…


Many of you have wondered about Millie Gift Smith, and her story.  I should have researched more before I posted her video last week, but I had no idea she was out there and was so excited about finding her at all.

Apparently this was the first part of the video I posted first, and it is interesting.  She tells her story about her recent past and tells that she is 97 years old.  Bless her heart, she is truly an amazing artist and person.


Experimenting With Ink!



My plan is to do a whole lot of experimenting with all types of medium this year.
What about you?  Are you set on the same medium?  Maybe you are really successful, or maybe your stuck!   Either way I always think there is something to be learned by just about everything we see or read.

I get bored with the same thing all the time, some people don’t.  They love doing what has worked for them, I can relate to that, but my comfort with doing the samething still runs out after a while.  I’m ready to learn, or grow, sometimes even just stop and refill my reserves.


As far as I’m concerned, if I’m not pushing myself, I’m not growing and learning.   I love to learn and I always loved going to school and learning.  I’m always amazed at how diverse my community can be.  I’m facinated with people from different cultures;  how they love different colors, have different ways of living.   I have always loved people and their diversity.

The little painting above was created with  Acrylic Ink.  After painting three or four with watercolor, and experiencing the excitement of using watercolor, I decided to use something a bit different…like acrylic ink.  Ink works much like watercolor, and I love how it bleeds.  I make a real effort to incorporate each medium with other mediums like tissue, or stamps.  Who knows what will end up, as always?

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Taking a Breather…

Bits & Pieces 2 - Mixed Media

Bits & Pieces 2 – Mixed Media

After creating several pieces for the last month or so, today I find myself with a lack of inspiration.  I’d love to be cutting, ripping, glueing, and piecing things together, but for now I’m out of inspiration.  It won’t take long I’m sure, but I feel lazy.  This must be a day for replenishing inspiration, and the energy for creation.

Monday is a free day for me.  Nothing goes on the first day of the week, except…..art!  So, I’m thinking of looking through the YouTube videos for ideas and inspiration  in hopes of finding something that will trigger my imagination.

The piece above is one of the last few things to be created.  I have to chuckle at how I start something with the intention of going in a certain direction, and before I realize it, I’ve made a turn, and the direction has changed 360 degrees.  This is one of those pieces.  After dragging out all the “stuff” for the intended piece, I now have to put it all away.  The only thing that was intended was the color.  Yay for me!

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