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An Unexpected Gift


Several days ago, I was made aware of someone dropping off this little package on my door step. The thing that made me aware was our dog Daisy protecting us from immanent danger! By the time I was able to actually get to the front door, the deliverer had vanished.

As I looked over this interesting little package, I still couldn’t figure out what it was. I did not take my own advise and open it up. This is something I’m always amazed when someone gets a letter, or package and keeps looking at it trying tp figure out who sent it, or what it’s about. This time it was me who did this, and in the end, I thought it was rather stupid that didn’t just unwrap it, but I guess the fun of something like this is the anticipation of getting something interesting, or exciting, or even in the case of an envelope…..money

As I carefully pulled the bow to see what was next, it still took me a few minutes to figure out who sent it, and what it was. My dear friend. Debra Zachau had so cleverly wrapped up a deck of Inspirational cards she had designed. I constantly had told her how beautiful the sayings were, and how much they resonated with me. I was beyond excited to see this deck sitting right on my kitchen counter, and couldn’t wait to see what they had to say.

Debra is an amazing Tarot Card reader and medium. She has developed these Daily Oracle cards, Angels in the Garden, and they are lovely. I use cards to do my own readings. Usually at the end of a reading, I’ll draw a card, and I’m always amazed how accurate they are, and how they support my own readings. If there is anything I have learned from honing my mediumship skills is that I don’t question the wisdom of Spirit, or the Divine.

Angels in the Garden

So here we go, I’m going to draw a general card from Angels in the Garden. It will be for everyone, so lets see what spirit has to say to us.

Spirit says to …….. Be Flexible……

It’s time to yield to all strong people and situations around you. Now is the time to allow hard words to pass through you and turn to mist! Angels will help you. This will keep you safe until you can move away from these difficult things. It’s time for action. Time to move.

Well there it is, a message from Spirit, and I have to say it’s appropriate for everyone.

If you’d care to have these great cards, you can contact Debra Zachau @ (760) 622-1881

Thank you for stopping to take time to read Stone Soup, see you soon. Karen

Flippin Friday



With Thanksgiving just around the corner,  and the holidays not far behind,  I’m finding my time management skills are far from what they should be, or even what they were five years ago.   There is always something popping up, causing a hick up, or worse.

I knew this day, this Friday was right here where it should be, and yet as many times it crossed my mind, I still didn’t, or couldn’t get to writing my Friday post.  Not an excuse, but more like an explanation.  After all who does the policing on writing  blogs.

There were so many subjects I could have written today…..


Escondido Municipal Gallery or better known as Escondido Arts Partnership is presently working on a fundraiser.  They have decided to put together a coloring book.  I think that’s a great idea since “Coloring” is really taking hold in the adult world these days.  Adults everywhere are relaxing with a book of their choice, and a box of markers, pencils, or even crayons.  They are showing their friends their work, and seem to be as proud of a colored page from their “Adult Coloring Book” as any artist would be after laboring over a poem, a song, a piece of literature, or even a painting.  They are feeling more relaxed, and pulled together than what they have felt in a very long time.  Maybe the drawing above  would be fun for the Galleries coloring book.


I could have written on more catalogues with great gifts.  Everyone is having sales right now, and within a few days all the stores will be crazy with people trying to get their shopping finished as soon as they can.  Macy’s has great sales with discounts on top of that.  Now that every store is trying to get in on anything they can put a price tag on,  the competition is fierce, and there are going to be more sales than even I could imagine.  For the artist…Cheep Joe’s Art Supplies, an online supply store has been having awesome sales.  I keep going back to see what’s on sale next!  Even Aaron Bros. have many stocking stuffers for those with stockings to stuff!



The other thing I should have written about is my push for Hemp Production.  I truly believe that Hemp could potentially solve many of our world’s problems.  I have used Hemp Oil for preparing food.  It is abundantly healthy, and the uses for Hemp are beyond what we can think of.  Hemp is a cannabis plant, but not the cannabis that will get you high.  If hemp is planted anywhere near the hallucinogenic strain, I’m told it will zap the good stuff, and turn it to not so good anymore.  Something about the Hemp rendering the cannabis plant ineffective.  There are cars built from hemp, and clothes made from hemp.  Would it be possible to have a plant that is any more well-rounded than the Hemp plant?

So while there are so many subjects to write about, this is one of those days that just didn’t work out for my post.

I hope to be balanced, and ready for creating another post early next week.  Until then, have a great weekend, see you next week!

Holiday Ideas…


Since we are now officially into October, the pressure is on for parents, and grandparents all over the globe.  The holidays are quickly coming, and those of us with smaller children, or children that are not so small, but are pretending to believe…(In the big man with the red suit)!  This isn’t just for those who celebrate Christmas, but celebrate the holidays in other ways as well.

The Hoverboard is just one idea for the older kid who is on the cusp of realizing if they still believe…..they will have more fun, and the holidays will still be all about them!  I know these are a little pricey, but this may be something your child or grandchild has wanted for a long time.  This little video tells you so mych about how easy it is to ride, and much more.  I have included a link to Amazon.com as a starting point for your research.  There are reviews on Amazon, and that’s where I start when researching a product I’m thinking about purchasing. FYI:  These come in different sizes, and different prices.  I’m told they are all made by the same company under different names, and I think this one is made in USA.

There is so much this time of year to do, and never enough time to do it in.  A huge effort is made in our home to relax and enjoy life regardless of the time of year.  The closer to the holidays we get the more frantic things become.  We still have little kids, who still believe, and far be it for me to tell them otherwise.  It is the children who make the holidays special in any home.

Sales, Sales, Sales

Any minute now we should be getting the holiday sale catalogues and adds for stuff you don’t even want.  Yippy…..more junk mail.  Soon we’ll need a larger recycle barrel.

Still it’s an exciting time, and as a grandma….I’ll will never get away  cheeply.

Thursday Time out for Art1


IMG_3872Some of you already know that my husband Les, and I just celebrated out 24th Anniversary.  Both of us has been married before, so for us this was a big thing.  Les brought me this  beautiful bunch of flowers the day before so we could both enjoy them.   This was followed by a fabulous dinner at Jake’s Del Mar Restaurant.  




Art From The Heart!