Why Not?


This time of year we are all not just a little busy, but with the holidays, it is difficult to find time for the things we need to keep us balanced, and happy.  This certainly is the case with me.  Usually the last three months of the year are busy with the beginning of holiday shopping, preparation of Thanksgiving, and gifts.  My thoughts are always in the gift giving mode.  What to buy whom, what will the grandkids love,  what about my grown kids, and what about my hubby.  My hubby and I are good to each other all through the year, so there isn’t pressure there, but we still like to surprise each other with a little  something we want.

This artist is just what I needed to see right now.  Her free style and fun of painting is perfect for me!  This is a large painting, and in my home there isn’t anywhere I could stretch out a canvas this large, unless maybe the driveway.  But……there are smaller versions of this style of art, versions  anaything anyone could imagine to paint.

I particularly love the jeans, and how she wipes her spatula off on her leg!  My kind of gal!  I’ll bet all her clothes have paint on them,  just like most of us.  In fact my motto is,  if it doesn’t have paint on it, I’m not trying hard enough!

I hope you find some kind of inspiration from this video, I know I did.  And even though I don’t have a lot of time to create this time of year,  it does take the stress of the holidays away just watching how free her work is!

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