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HeartRope Tangle

Heart Rope Tangle

Heart Rope Tangle

After cleaning our carpet in the living, and an extra carpet for the office, I have to admit to being pooped!  There is nothing like cleaning, moving furniture, shuffling rugs, and repositioning them to wipe out all your energy.

And Yet…

My way of relaxing, and catching my breath would be art of some kind.  Now as much as I’d like to break out the paints, I’m an early morning girl.  My best creative time is early before I’ve lost my energy.

So as I sat to take a break, it came to me to do some Zentangling.  Something that doesn’t take a great deal of energy or planning, zentangles are perfect, meditative, and  exactly what I needed.  It’s so easy to lose myself in the tangles, and before I knew it, I was relaxed and ready to do more on the carpets.


I was surprised that after shampooing twice the living room rug came out as nicely as it did.  I loved the Zebra print jute carpet when I found it a year and a half ago, but didn’t have any idea how it would hold up.  It fades, looks worn, but… it is hardy, animal friendly, and takes a lot of abuse.


I guess I’d say it’s perfect!

Another Finished Project!



Stool Pigeon Bar Stool

Stool Pigeon Bar Stool

A couple of months ago, before our trip to Russia, the gallery I belong to decided to have a  fundraiser  benefiting young artists.  Of course,  I volunteered to participate, and in doing so was committed to creating three chairs.

My first thought was…..that’s a huge commitment, how on earth am I going to do this, more importantly why did you do this?  Knowing we were leaving on vacation, the word crazy even crossed my mind.

My second thought was… I needed to  frequenting the yard sales on Saturday, and Sunday.  My husband, and I spent all day looking for just the right chairs to use for this project.  He asked me exactly what I was looking for?  Isn’t that a silly question coming from the husband of an artist?

How the hell should I know what I’m looking for, I’ll know it when I see it!

So off we went, neighborhood by neighborhood scanning each garage sale, checking for chairs…any chairs.  Boy did we find  interesting chairs.  One man had the most beautiful hand crafted, wood chair I have ever seen. It clearly was out of my price range, but more importantly I would never alter it in any way.  Another sale featured rattan fan back chairs which I have always loved, but I knew if I bought it, it would never see the inside of any gallery in my lifetime.

Childs beach chair

Childs beach chair

We kept looking, and my husband was so patient with me.  A friend of mind who lives around the corner, was selling two oak bar stools, they caught my eye.  Not exactly chairs, but if they held a butt, that was good enough for me!  She only wanted $5. for each of them.  I bought only one, and now I’m sorry I didn’t get the other one.  Needless to say, since I was altering the stool, I picked the worst, most worn stool.  I must be a glutton for punishment!

Rattan Doll Chair

Rattan Doll Chair

Onward to the next house…..

After combing many neighborhoods, I spotted a childs Sponge Bob Square Pants beach chair.  This adventure had been going on  for quite some time,  so I had my husband stop.   The lady wanted $3. for it, and how could I complain about that?  That made my second chair.

Keep going…..

Finally late in the day, as we were trying not to get discouraged, I spotted a small rattan chair.  Not big enough for a child, I realized it must be a doll chair.   After talking to the lady, I purchased the little Rattan doll chair for $2.  that did it,  we were finished!

That was quite a day, and after all said and done, a successful day at that.  Once we got the chairs into the back yard, I put a big drop cloth on an outside table, and began to spray all three chairs with white primer.  Sponge Bob was the most resilient, he just didn’t want to leave, but the rest were easily covered.  One thing let to another, and I had my project about a third of the way through by the end of the day.  Not a bad day if I do say so myself!

The legs of the stool have been crackled for a different effect,  I decorated the rungs with stenciled tissue paper, and my husband thought it would be fun to put a pigeon to the stool, and call it a Stool Pigeon.  So I sketched a pigeon, zetangled it, used acrylic medium to adhere it onto the top of the stool, and it blended into the background just as I planned.

Bar Stool recreated

Bar Stool recreated

Our vacation came and went, and the deadline for the chairs was extended another month.  That was a relief, since I returned home from vacation with bronchitis, and didn’t really have the energy to work on my projects.

Last Tuesday with all three of my chairs finished, I drove them down to the gallery for the fundraiser.  It felt so good to get them finished and I thought you might want to see them.


Thank you for taking time to visit, and read my blog.  Questions, and comments are always welcome, and appreciated.  Karen

Time To Create Again!


Anyone who knows me, knows I haven’t been very productive in quite a while.  I’ve tried, but somehow I just haven’t been able to find inspiration…until now!

A couple of months ago, I signed up to be part of the Sketchbook Project!

For the last few summers I have watched each year as this project unfolds, and in the back of my mind, thinking one year I would join in.  This was that year!  Of course, I needed another project, but what better time to start an art project than when you’re  busy, right?  My thinking was that it is only 32 pages, and certainly a little project like that would be a snap for me!  The other thing is, we are all busy all the time anyway, so why wait?

After getting back into our home since having bamboo floors laid in the entire house (studio included), I think I’m ready to start thinking about putting pen to paper, and leaving my mark on whatever community it will be going to.  That’s not to say that everything is perfect in our home.  After all, some of the paintings still remain stacked in the corner waiting to find their rightful place on the wall.  The livingroom looks new, and fresh.   I’ve changed things around, replaced some things, and gotten rid of others.  It feels like a new home to me, and now I’m ready to get back to sketching, and painting!

It’s interesting how something like this can give us an entire new outlook on just about everything, and I find myself energized, and inspired!

Who knows how long it will take me to complete this sketchbook.  The project needs to be mailed back by January 15, 2014, so I really do have plenty of time.  Anything goes this time, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do, anything, whatever feels right!  Poetry, sketches, collage, ink, pen, you name it.

In the next few weeks, or maybe I should say, next couple of months, I’ll be posting the pages I work on, and you can tell me what you think.  Make suggestions,  I’m always open for comments, in fact I love getting comments, it keeps me motivated!

Sketchbook Project

Sketchbook Project

This little Sketchbook will be going to the Central Part of the Mid-West!

This little Sketchbook will be going to the Central Part of the Mid-West!

So for now,…..  Start a project, and share it with me!   I’ll be back!

In The Garden


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With the weather getting nicer each day, the birds are singing, skies are blue, air is fresh, and life is good!  I’ve been negligent lately in writing, sketching, and posting.. I’m sorry, somehow I just can’t seem to get to doing what I love to do.  Everything seems to be pulling me in all different directions, and I mean everything!

My love is creating!  I’ve always said, if I have a paint brush in my hand, I’m happy!  It’s been this way since I was very small.  So, I know how to lose myself in my art, or even my studio.  Actually, the studio is much easier to lose myself in!  The drawings above art something I’ve been working on in-between all the other things that are pulling at me.  Just for fun, I thought I’d put them up to look at.  Maybe they will inspire someone else to stop, take a breath, and sketch a little!

A friend of mine once told me that the thing we love the most, is the very thing we seem to push away when things get hectic!  He was an artist, and very aware of how we side step our art when we feel stressed, or don’t have the time.  If when we get a pay check, we should pay ourselves first in the form of saving money, then shouldn’t we put that stress releaser  first,  at a time when we are way too busy for our own good?  I think we should!

Here and now I’m giving myself permission to be more gentle with myself, and instead of trying to do it all…….

Officially…..I’m just not going to worry about it!

From now on my art comes first, unless of course, someone is sick, starving, needs a walk, or some other perceived demise.

Guess what?  there is always someone who thinks what they have going on is more important than what I have going on!  Just today, I was sitting writing a little something on Plinky.   I’m right in the middle putting my thoughts down,  and my husband walks into the room, starts talking to me, & asking for my help.  Now the help he wanted was not an emergency, so it could have waited.  I asked him if he was aware that I was in the middle of something that was important to me?  His reply was, “I see that but, what I’m doing  is more important!”  Bless his heart!

This is what I mean.  interruptions from everywhere, at any time.  So the beat goes on……

I have decided I would spend a little time every morning journaling.  Visual journaling that is.  I’m writing to my muse.  You see, she hasn’t been playing with me, and that’s part of my problem.  I know it sounds crazy, but isn’t she the one who helps inspire me, keeps me going, and all that jazz?  We’ll,  she is falling down on the job — big time!  I’m in desperate need of her friendship at the moment.

This is how it is around here right now, and by the way, I have to go.  The dog needs a walk, and I have things to do.  We’ll talk soon!

We Still Need Our Fans!