We Still Need Our Fans!


While sketching in the living room during the rain last night, the house seemed stuffy so I turned on the ceiling fan for circulation.  It seemed strange to do that on a cold, damp, rainy evening in November, and It got me to thinking…

What  items in your home can you absolutely not do without?  A coffee maker, a microwave, a toothbrush, or even electricity?   There is little we have in this day and age that doesn’t require electricity.  Those things are important to all of us.  Along with all those other items in our home, fans are something we can’t live without.  There is a ceiling fan in almost every room of our house, and small table fans everywhere else.      I don’t remember having fans everywhere when we had a larger home!  Do the insides of a small home require us to have more circulation?  Maybe the two of us use up what oxygen we have in this small house requiring a device to un-stuff the rooms!   Whatever it is, we have fans going year round.  In the summer there are more of them, and they spin at high-speed all the time.  In the winter they spin at a lower speed, we use fewer of them, and their job is to circulate the air while the windows are closed, and the house is stuffy!

I started to think how strange it is for us to have all the fans going all the time. This has never been a topic of discussion with anyone I know, so I have to wonder, “Does everyone use fans like we do? ”   It isn’t particularly warm, still the fans circle around, sometimes moaning or squeaking in protest, but always doing the only job they have been asked to do.  They aren’t young fans any longer, so I guess it’s their right to protest a little.  Just as long as they continue running, each blade chasing the other, round and round.  Sometimes it feels like they are talking amongst them selves from  room to room, little ones ganging up on the larger ones just because they are younger.  So far there hasn’t been much complaining from the younger table fans, they usually don’t have to work as long, or as hard as the ceiling fans.

Yep, even in the rain, we still need our fans!

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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