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My Love for Buttons



When I read a post by one of my WordPress friends,  “you hand-made me happy,” it triggered a memory of my grandmother who implanted in me a love for buttons, and fabric.  When I was eleven years old, my grandma started teaching me how to sew, and of course if you sew, you need buttons.  I quickly learned to adore fabric, and the buttons that went with it.

As time wore on, I not only made fabulous knockoffs from the high-end department stores for myself, I began making clothes for some of my mothers friends who had trouble finding clothes to fit.  I don’t ever remember getting paid for this service, but I’m sure I was.

Today I have a large stash of fabric, and I rarely sew, but every time I see a fabric I can’t live without, I must have it.   Not sewing any longer is in part due to my machine being an old Viking that I inherited from my mother after her passing, it has a short in it that apparently can’t be fixed,  and in part due to lack of really decent fabrics being available.  I’m sure there must be fabric shops that carry really nice fabrics, but I have yet to find one locally.


Buttons….well what can I say about buttons.  I love putting them in my art, and on my clothes.  Not too far from where I live we have a high-end yarn shop that has a fairly good assortment of custom buttons, and most of them  are to die for.  Those buttons can range from a few dollars to over twenty dollars a button, and they are fabulous.  To be honest their yarn is so fabulous, I have gone in to look, and left with close to $100. in yarn.  Not skeins of yarn, small amounts of different specialty yarns to put into my art.

You guessed it…we artists are just a little crazy, off kilter, and unique!

True everyone has their own style, but I get my inspiration from the most unexpected places.  Am I off kilter…..you bet, and how can I complain about that when that’s exactly what makes me who I am.   My mind is always turning, thinking about creating something.   Maybe it could be a painting, a collage, assemblage, or a story.

How about you?  What triggers you to do things a little crazy, and unique?  Tell us, we’d all love to hear about it.

Thank you for taking time to read my post,  have a great day, and tell me about the things that you love!

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