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I’ve Never Seen This Before!




Lately  while doing a lot of resting, I’ve been snooping around YouTube.  It’s amazing just what one can find when one spends enough time snooping, and resting all at the same time!  Some would call this…Multi-resting!

This little demo is a  fascinating form of art, and something I’ve certainly have never seen before.  It gives me ideas, and triggers inspiration in so many directions.  I hope it will do the same for you!

If you do experiment with this technique, or it inspires you to go in a different direction,  please share it with the rest of us.  Facebook is a great way to share what  you’ve  created, or learned, or email it to me directly, (KarenSamenow@me.com) and I’ll include it in my blog so we can all see.

Thank you all for reading Stone Soup, and  following me, in doing so, you  give me inspiration and keep me going  as well.  I hope you enjoy….

Flippen Friday


DSCN0067This is always a fun challenge. Making uneven circles.  This was inspired by my friend Jane LaFazio.  We did this project as a Diva Day challenge, and the interesting thing is…..all five of us created something different.


I even cut mine up to make cards out of it.