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Grandma Time


The weekend before last, my granddaughter Sage spent three days with us…….

Sage getting ready for a long weekend with Grandma, & Papa

Sage getting ready for a long weekend with Grandma, & Papa

That is exhausting, and fun all at the same time, but we were happy to have her!

Our plans included visiting friends, and her cousin Nolan,

Sage & Nolan

Sage & Nolan

and taking a little time to play….

Play time!

Play time!

shopping for doll clothes, and of course,

Doll clothes for the rag doll we made.

Doll clothes for the rag doll we made.


……creating art.

For her bathroom

For her bathroom

Her latest love of books includes The Boxcar Children…


Book 1 of the Boxcar Children Series

Book 1 of the Boxcar Children Series


Sage is eight, and she has been journaling, and writing stories for at least the last year.  I’m always impressed when she reads me one of her stories, and shows me her illustrations to go with the story.  They get better all the time, and I am bursting with pride because we love all the same things!


Thursdays Time out for Art…


Inspired by Zebra Designs & Destinations, this is my final post for the month of July…..


Sage's hand made doll.

Sage’s hand made doll.

My Granddaughter Sage recently spent a couple of days with us, and while she was here she asked to make a doll.  Shamefully, I purchased the muslin doll at Michael’s, and Sage picked out the buttons she insisted needed to be the eyes, the jewel nose, and I found the heart in my stash  for the “Heart!”  I had bought hair at her request, and misplaced it, so I found the yarn for hair in my stash.  Since I was unable to find clothes to buy, I sent her home with a doll without clothes for her mother to find!

Isn’t it wonderful being a Mixed Media artist, and saving all the things that speak to you, and then just when you need it most – looking through all the stuff – you find the perfect yarn for hair, or a perfect red heart to place on the chest of a special doll?  Pulling out my trusty glue gun, a needle, and embroidery thread… all came together!

Day 16: Lost and Found


Clearly, I have lost my ability, and desire to do Science Experiments, but this week my grandson Connor is staying with us, and being the crazy science kid that he is wanted to do a project. We talked about a lot of things , but one thing I learned is that “Bill Nye the Science Guy”  is Connors hero!

Good to know…

Knowing, and being familiar with Mr. Nye gave me a pretty good idea of what I was in for.   As our morning started to unfold Connor asked me if I had any potatoes.  We don’t really eat potatoes, so I inquired as to what he wanted potatoes for, hoping he wasn’t going to try  stuffing them into the tailpipes on our cars!  Finally he whipped out his trusty laptop…the one Santa brought him last Christmas, and pulled up this potato experiment on YouTube.

Making Mud from  a Potato!

So off we went to the closest grocery store to buy the biggest russet potatoes we could find. I pulled out the food processor, and started following directions on YouTube….. what do you know….It Worked!  I could have bought an entire bag of potatoes, but who knew.  Basically, I’m pretty sure we were working with potato starch here, but the results were intriguing..    Once it settled into the bowl it was solid, almost too hard to move around.  But once the solid was picked up,  it started to turn to liquid, and Connor keeps telling’s edible too!

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Through this entire experiment, I realized I might have lost the desire to experiment with things like potatoes, but leave it to a nine-year old to help me find the fun in science experiments!

I’m so glad I didn’t try and talk him out of doing this, even though my kitchen looks like kids have been experimenting in it, and when you think about it my inner child must have come out to play because it really was fun, and I wasn’t even worried about my kitchen!

This is pure kids fun, and I found myself loving every minute of it!




The Week Before Easter


It’s spring break

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Around here the traffic is heavy, the restaurants are packed, shopping is difficult, & finding a parking spot nearly impossible! I say this only because, I’m not the one on spring break. Not me, I’m older than dirt, and all we do is complain about the “young wiper snappers!”

Not So…

I rarely complain, except to complain to a complainer about their complaining! As a matter of fact, I make it a practice to say only good things, and if I ever say anything bad about anyone, I always say,  “Bless their heart!” One of my friends told me that you can say anything you want about anyone without consequences, if you follow it with “Bless their heart!” That’s how you get away without being struck dead by lightning and stuff!

The week before Easter…

That was the week it turns out was my grandson Connor’s spring break, and this is where he landed. Yep that’s right, here at grandmas house. Sounds quaint doesn’t it? My son-in-law John is still here working in my son’s yard next door, so there is a slight distraction for Connor. He comes here with his dad, and gets to catch lizards, work in my studio, swim, or today he brought his metal detector.


It would have been cool if he had found the treasure he was looking for. I guess it’s the kind of thing you have to practice doing for a long time in order to find truck loads of money!  Connor is a determined kid, and smart also, so if there is money to be found, I’m guessing he’ll find it!  And I’m hoping he finds it here so I get it, and I can get away with giving him a finder’s fee!

It’s been a long week!

By the end of the week, Connor was ready to stay home, Grandpa was ready for some peace and quiet, and I was ready to paint. I have to admit, it’s difficult to find energy to stand and paint when it’s been a zoo all week. But, small blocks of time to paint are possible, and that’s where I’ll be, in my studio painting, if anyone wants to find me!