An Unexpected Gift


Several days ago, I was made aware of someone dropping off this little package on my door step. The thing that made me aware was our dog Daisy protecting us from immanent danger! By the time I was able to actually get to the front door, the deliverer had vanished.

As I looked over this interesting little package, I still couldn’t figure out what it was. I did not take my own advise and open it up. This is something I’m always amazed when someone gets a letter, or package and keeps looking at it trying tp figure out who sent it, or what it’s about. This time it was me who did this, and in the end, I thought it was rather stupid that didn’t just unwrap it, but I guess the fun of something like this is the anticipation of getting something interesting, or exciting, or even in the case of an envelope…

As I carefully pulled the bow to see what was next, it still took me a few minutes to figure out who sent it, and what it was. My dear friend. Debra Zachau had so cleverly wrapped up a deck of Inspirational cards she had designed. I constantly had told her how beautiful the sayings were, and how much they resonated with me. I was beyond excited to see this deck sitting right on my kitchen counter, and couldn’t wait to see what they had to say.

Debra is an amazing Tarot Card reader and medium. She has developed these Daily Oracle cards, Angels in the Garden, and they are lovely. I use cards to do my own readings. Usually at the end of a reading, I’ll draw a card, and I’m always amazed how accurate they are, and how they support my own readings. If there is anything I have learned from honing my mediumship skills is that I don’t question the wisdom of Spirit, or the Divine.

Angels in the Garden

So here we go, I’m going to draw a general card from Angels in the Garden. It will be for everyone, so lets see what spirit has to say to us.

Spirit says to …….. Be Flexible……

It’s time to yield to all strong people and situations around you. Now is the time to allow hard words to pass through you and turn to mist! Angels will help you. This will keep you safe until you can move away from these difficult things. It’s time for action. Time to move.

Well there it is, a message from Spirit, and I have to say it’s appropriate for everyone.

If you’d care to have these great cards, you can contact Debra Zachau @ (760) 622-1881

Thank you for stopping to take time to read Stone Soup, see you soon. Karen

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