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Flippin Friday



With Thanksgiving just around the corner,  and the holidays not far behind,  I’m finding my time management skills are far from what they should be, or even what they were five years ago.   There is always something popping up, causing a hick up, or worse.

I knew this day, this Friday was right here where it should be, and yet as many times it crossed my mind, I still didn’t, or couldn’t get to writing my Friday post.  Not an excuse, but more like an explanation.  After all who does the policing on writing  blogs.

There were so many subjects I could have written today…..


Escondido Municipal Gallery or better known as Escondido Arts Partnership is presently working on a fundraiser.  They have decided to put together a coloring book.  I think that’s a great idea since “Coloring” is really taking hold in the adult world these days.  Adults everywhere are relaxing with a book of their choice, and a box of markers, pencils, or even crayons.  They are showing their friends their work, and seem to be as proud of a colored page from their “Adult Coloring Book” as any artist would be after laboring over a poem, a song, a piece of literature, or even a painting.  They are feeling more relaxed, and pulled together than what they have felt in a very long time.  Maybe the drawing above  would be fun for the Galleries coloring book.


I could have written on more catalogues with great gifts.  Everyone is having sales right now, and within a few days all the stores will be crazy with people trying to get their shopping finished as soon as they can.  Macy’s has great sales with discounts on top of that.  Now that every store is trying to get in on anything they can put a price tag on,  the competition is fierce, and there are going to be more sales than even I could imagine.  For the artist…Cheep Joe’s Art Supplies, an online supply store has been having awesome sales.  I keep going back to see what’s on sale next!  Even Aaron Bros. have many stocking stuffers for those with stockings to stuff!



The other thing I should have written about is my push for Hemp Production.  I truly believe that Hemp could potentially solve many of our world’s problems.  I have used Hemp Oil for preparing food.  It is abundantly healthy, and the uses for Hemp are beyond what we can think of.  Hemp is a cannabis plant, but not the cannabis that will get you high.  If hemp is planted anywhere near the hallucinogenic strain, I’m told it will zap the good stuff, and turn it to not so good anymore.  Something about the Hemp rendering the cannabis plant ineffective.  There are cars built from hemp, and clothes made from hemp.  Would it be possible to have a plant that is any more well-rounded than the Hemp plant?

So while there are so many subjects to write about, this is one of those days that just didn’t work out for my post.

I hope to be balanced, and ready for creating another post early next week.  Until then, have a great weekend, see you next week!




As I sit here writing a blog for Tuesday, I’m thinking how very fortunate I am, and how happy I am to be in this place, at this time.  I’m healthy, I wake up each morning,  still standing, still thinking, and doing.  How much better could it be?

One might say winning the lottery would help! Or, being able to buy a Tesla would be nice!  My answer to that would be, “It would wouldn’t it!”

But……..I don’t have to have those things to be happy!

Actually winning the lottery would most likely bring a ton of other problems we could never imagine.  Being able to purchase a Tesla, well…..bring it on.  For those of you who know me, you know I’m very environmental, and…….I’d Love a Tesla!

But I’m not willing to spend every penny I have on fast cars, and fast men!  My husband is fast enough for me.  We’ve built a happy place for ourselves, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m a wealthy woman!

You see, I have always considered myself a wealthy woman.  Through thick and thin,  there are lessons to learn.  No matter how bad it gets the lessons we learn are the same things that build character, and mold the person we become.  In a lot of ways having bad times, builds character, and strength!

In reading my email this morning, I realized I’m not the only one who is a glass half full person.  If you have a little time, try reading the post from Celebrating Sunshine, Hapiness is……

I consider myself a wealthy woman because……

First granddaughter Sarah

First granddaughter Sarah

All my grandchildren are not just smart but beautiful as well..

Hula Pie

Hula Pie

I’m able to celebrate birthdays with my family…



Connor still wants to spend time with me!  This is big for an 11-year-old boy!


Nolan wants to spend time with me, and can’t wait for his parents to go to work so I can stay with him for the evening!



I have beauty all around me!



I get to experience all the little critters my grandchildren are caring for, and learning from.  I think learning all the habits, and what these little pets need for food builds a love of nature.  My kids had all sorts of creatures from skunks to snakes, and everything in between, and they all love and respect nature, and the planet.

Phoenix the chameleon

Phoenix the chameleon

I am so grateful for my daughter in law for allowing this paint fest to happen at her home, and still clean up the mess when it was over.  She never held it against me for having thought of the idea,  the kids had a fun summer memory,  and I’m still in her good graces!

Sage & Nolan playing in red paint! Summer 2015

Sage & Nolan playing in red paint! Summer 2015

Our family is closely knit, and do many things together.  At the same time, know one gets upset if the other part of the family wants to go off on their own.  I have a wonderful husband who puts up with a crazy artist wife,  and puts up with all my crazy kids, and animals.   How could it get any better?

Life is good!