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Just about finished Cow Picture!

Just about finished Cow Picture!

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These last few weeks have been busy crazy for me, and there hasn’t been much art created in my studio lately.  With surprise Birthday Parties for my grandson, and my friend Margaret, only a little progress has been made on anything I’ve been working on. The assemblag is just about to where it starts getting fun.  It’s been painted white, and now I’ve painted Asphaltum over the top of the white.   Some of it has been whipped off, but for the part that is way too dark, another coat of white…..  Since it’s all shells, most likely it will be the blues and greens, and will present themselves sooner rather than later.
The cow picture is just about finished!  It’s different, it’s only three colors and white, and I think I’m happy with the outcome, maybe just a couple of little things…  I like that it’s not perfect, ’cause I’m not perfect, so it works for me!

My grandson is only five, so he isn’t one bit interested in getting my art for his collection.  His collection consists on his beautiful, and very special 4-year-old drawings that warm my heart, and hang proudly on the walls of the living room at his home!
My friend Margaret will have her present by the time this is published, so I can show you what I did for her.  Several years have passed since the “Fab Five Group” decided to give each other a piece of their art for birthdays, & Christmas, and I love receiving a piece of art created by someone who is special to me.  And, my art friends are very special to me! I decided to embellish a small Moldkein journal to give to Margaret for her birthday.  This process is one that I have recently learned how to do, and one that I’m sure would take much practice should I wish to continue doing it. It seems a little labor intense, so I’m not sure I’ll be creating too many more of these. However, I’ve learned Never Say Never!
There you have it ….
A Tuesday morning update! Let me know what you think. I read all your emails, and will respond to each of you myself. My staff is ready should I get a huge response on any one post though, so be aware, it could be one of them, but you will get a response!

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  1. hi Karen! i have nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award and you can find all the details here It is great to chat to a fellow artist and sorry I don’t visit your wonderful blog more often. 🙂 I always enjoy your posts but sometimes Real Life gets in the way! Lol! I have just started the Writing 101 challenge so i will have to speed up i think. 🙂


    • I was just able to check out my comments, & realized you nominated me for the inspiring blogger award. Thank you Maria, I’m honored I can inspire someone, & apologize for the delay, I am dancing as fast as I can. With the writing 101, family, & just normal stuff, I haven’t even had time to pick up a paint brush. That would t be so bad except I just realized I apparently volunteered to do three art projects for a fundraiser for one of the galleries I belong to. Yikes!
      I promise you I will follow up, & get details. Thank you again, I guess we are both going as fast as we can. I love your blog also, & when this is over, will even visit.


      • Haha! Karen, yes I know what you mean. Real Life still exists outside blogging! However I am enjoying my blog writing immensely even though I long to return to painting in my shed.

        Sorry my reply is a bit late as well and likewise when I get a bit more organised I will definitely visit your blog more often. Happy writing and painting, Karen! 🙂


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