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What’s On My Mind!



Have you ever reached a point where nothing is there. No Sometimes there just isn’t any inspiration, and my muse is gone. I’m so empty of creativity, I’m having trouble doing things around the house too.
Well this sucks!What to do? If only I could sleep it off. I can’t sleep, and that may be the problem here. When one doesn’t sleep, you don’t function well, and everything you do seems to be difficult.

But since I don’t sleep, I’m going for the World Record . How many years can a person survive without sleep?

The flower above is an attempt at a creative process, one that is simple, easy and doesn’t take too long to paint.
This is the time you are allowed to say, “My three year old could do that!”

Thank you for checking to see if I’m still painting, see you soon.

If you can’t paint, drink it!


I know this is really simple, but sometimes simple is better.  I’ve been busy painting during the day, and watching TV and making dinner for my husband in the evening.  All in all, I forget to sit down and post until I’m in bet late at night.  I awake with great intentions,  but my day gets away from me.

Excuses, excuses!

Even though I am giving excuses, we are all busy and I’m sure at times all our days get busy.  So enough.  I found this extremely simple video, and thought if I can paint a wine glass like this, I can paint an abstract glass with wine.  My theory being if it doesn’t work,  and painting this seems impossible,  drink your model!!!  Try it, it may work for a relaxing afternoon or evening!

Thank you for checking up on Stone Soup,  I’ll post paintings as soon as I’m sure they are finished.  See you soon….

The Worst Mistake



This video is really important to those of us who paint with acrylics.  I have slowed way down with the water I use while painting with acrylics, and  have been using a glazing medium, or a retarder instead of water.  Mixing the fluid acrylics for me is the most fun,  since seeing them run, and drip is the highlight of my painting day.  Remember for me,  when you drip, and pour the results are unexpected and that takes the problem of perfection……there isn’t any!  I painted with watercolors for years, and pouring was the most fun one could have with paints.  When I started using acrylics, I first used them very thick like impasto, later I learned to thin them out, and now I’m glazing, and pouring.   What a journey!

Yes I thinned them out, but I used water to do so.

Experimentation is the friend of the acrylic painter.  That’s how we grow as artists, and when you can stop worrying about how it will turn out, and let everything go,  all those experimentations will be not just fun, but you might be able to use to results as well…

What’s An Artist To Do?


Abstract Tiger Lilly


Lately I’ve been working with watercolor, and acrylics, and my subject is usually abstract.  This time I decided to dig through all my supplies and find a small sample kit of Aqua-Oils to try.  I’ve had them for a few years, and never even opened the box to look.  This time it seemed appropriate to try a new medium.  So off came their lids, out came the brushes, and the only thing that came to mind were more abstract flowers!

After painting with these oils for a while, I realized that I had a learning curve.  The paints didn’t seem creamy like oils, and not as workable as acrylics, I felt like I needed to build the color to get the results I was looking for.  Maybe they were a slight bit dried out, although they didn’t seem that way.  but hey they were inexpensive and I’m trying something new.

When the whole thing was said and done, I think I just like  plain old oils better.  Many artists love Aqua-Oils, and don’t have any trouble with them.  For some reason I didn’t find them as forgiving as oils, or acrylics.  My purchase was small, and I certainly haven’t lost anything, so I’m happy I had the opportunity to use them.  That being said, I still have quite a lot of those little tubes left, some of them without ever having  had their tops off!   So I will use them until they are finished, and keep trying to get  them working for me.

After all….what is an artist  to do?

Back to Work….



My studio is humming, and I am working until I start to think about what I’m doing…..Then I STOP!  I stop because I start to second guess myself, and slip out of my right brain.  It works for me to think of myself as playing like a three-year old, and the minute I grow up,  it’s death to my creativity!

The Mermaid painting is a perfect example of me as a three-year old, spreading molding paste, gesso, and paint all around.  Pushing, and pulling, adding and subtracting, until it is just right.  I decided to stop before she started going in another direction.

Ideas in my Sleep

Memories of Santa Fe

Memories of Santa Fe

The last three or four weeks have been very productive for me. I seem to be driven to do more abstracts. Really abstract….not landscape, not figurative, real abstract, abstract. Non objective abstract! The kind you toss paint at. Maybe I’m feeling a little Jackson Pollock or something, but put a brush in my hand, paint by my side, & I’ll be happy.

If I stop to rest, lay down for a nap, or try to fall asleep at night…..my mind goes right to painting.  Designing, and throwing paint at a canvas with loud energetic music playing in the background.  In my dreams, I have huge buckets of paint, a huge canvas, and BIG brushes to paint with, with long handles.  Scrapers, sponges, mark makers of all kinds.   Even oil sticks, and ink, I love working with ink!  Acrylic ink is like watercolor, and by the way didn’t I recently tell you I’m not into watercolor.  I think I did.  There are many things I still love about watercolor, but I don’t have to want to paint with it.  I also love to use printeres ink, that’s real ink too!

The piece above is a 12 X 12 canvas with 140# watercolor paper bonded to it.  I have titled it “Memories of Santa Fe.”

Meanwhile, I going to leave you to continue working in my studio, and hopefully not get any more paint on my shutters.

Thank you for  following me, it is special for me to have anyone interested in listening…..my husband only wants to talk sports!