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Abstract Faces


As most of you know from watching my blog, Bob Burridge is one of my favorite artists!  He is loose, and fun to take a class from.  But, most of all his method really works.  I have taken many classes from Bob, and have never been disappointed…not even once.  I have however, left his class dragging, unable to do much else for the remainder of the day.  If the class is a week long class, be prepared to take a week to recuperate.  He has that much energy, and isn’t afraid to share it with all the students!

For me, it isn’t as easy as it looks, or maybe I’m trying too hard, regardless of the reason, I keep trying.  While I finish up the last two abstracts, I thought you might like to watch this video.  Even Bob doesn’t get it right the first time!  By the way, he had a great website with all kinds of information.  Check it out, and sign up for his newsletters…it’s free!



The Watercolors Are Finished!

Fall is on it's Way Abstract

“Fall is on it’s Way”   –   Abstract  2 of 2

After months of agonizing, awake off and on all night, and thinking about them all day, I finally finished.  Once I got my right brain working, and started seeing how the acrylic colors looked over the water colors, I began to really get into it.  The first one I have posted, but the last one is the one above and is now finished.

I know my friend will love them.  They are very colorful and happy.  That is really the only way I could work on them.

They had to let me know it was ok to color them happy!

Are they happy to you, or do you prefer something more subdued?  I always love color, color to me is joyous and happy.  It helps ground me, and energizes me.   We are all so different.  Many of you would prefer softer colors, calming colors, colors that help you relax, & possibly help get you in a meditative state.  I understand that also.

Garden Fantisy 1 of 2

Garden Fantisy
1 of 2

Let me know what you think, what you prefer, and even let me see the kind of art you love.   All art is from the heart,  that must be why we are so darn sensitive about showing it.  No judgement here!  I’m struggling just like everyone else, and the more I do the better I get at it.

My son Chris tells me that,  “it’s the journey, not the finished product. ” 

Art is healing, it’s a process, and we always have it when we most need an outlet.

Ending of July!


IMG_0031 (1)

Can you believe we are starting a new month? I’ve been creating like crazy, and here is my latest abstract. I’ve tried to name my pieces prior to starting them, however they never turn out as I had planned. Lately I’ve been picking my colors, my canvas, and maybe a few pieces of paper or foil that I think might go into the new piece nicely, and more frequently than not……they never make it in.

Bob Burridge always says to name them first, know where you are going, have your colors all ready, and know the design.  I know he is intuitive, abstract, and is in his right brain while painting, but what I don’t know is how he plans all that out.  I can never know where my painting is going, and when I think I do…..It tells me,  “I don’t want to go that way!”  Just like a spoiled child.

 Yes I consider my paintings children. There hasn’t ever been a painting that I’ve worked on that has gone as planned.  I don’t like knowing where they will end up, but what I do like is being as surprised as anyone when it turns out completely and unexpectedly different!

The best feeling in my opinion, is when I start to work in my studio, something starts to look good, and all of a sudden it’s late in the day, and I’ve been working all day without interruptions.  That’s when I realize I’ve been playing with my inner child, and totally in my right brain!  What a joyous feeling.

I hope you like my last painting in July of 2016.  August brings a finished watercolor painting that one of my friends asked me to do. It’s just about dry, and one more last look at the balance.  I soon will be posting both paintings prior to sending them off to their new home.

Let’s start August with a big burst of creative energy!  Meanwhile, I’m going to check in with Zebra Designs & Destinations to see what Z is up to.  I hope you’ll check them out also.   By for now……

The Impossible is Possible!

Garden Fantisy

Garden Fantasy

After agonizing over this, and thinking about what my friend would have painted, I finally decided to do it my way!

It’s really finished, I only have two more much like this one to work on, and although I’d like to do them differently, only time will tell if that will happen.  Bob Burridge mentioned in one of his monthly news letters that he was using Cold Wax to seal watercoler paintings, so that’s what I did.  I very carefully covered it with cold wax, and lightly buffed it.  It didn’t run, or transfer, and worked just fine.

The frame is the only thing left to decide on.  I don’t do frames any longer so I thought I’d mount it on canvas with some sort of border.  I’m not sure right now exactly what this means ,because I have to find a canvas that’s the correct size for not just the painting, but a little extra size for a border.

Part of my inspiration comes from Zebra Designs & Destinations.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen a post from Z, so this is a shout out to them as well.  Z is always an inspiration, and living in  Equador, it is so different from the US that I’m fascinated with what goes on there, and how Z finds time to be creative.


Transfering a Photo


Over the years I have transferred many photos, one that comes to mind is a photo of my sister and myself when we were little….yes we were once little!  It turned out pretty well, but as many as I’ve done, it’s always been a pain to do.  There are many different ways to achieve this, and this is just one of them.  Enjoy!

Putting It Together…

Woodlsnd Spirit Doll

Woodland Spirit Doll

Why do you suppose we create a project and stop just before it’s finished?

I do this all the time,  I start a project, and I’m over it before it’s completed.  Is everyone that way?  I’m over it, and ready to move on to the next thing.  This is clearly a flaw in my personality!

This is exactly what I’ve done with the “Woodland Spirit Doll” series.  I started these dolls when I was just out of the hospital and recuperating from hip surgery.  They were given all the patients and love,one would give a new puppy or a child.   Slowly they became little people and started to speak to me in a way that prompted me to give them each a different personality.

But, soon I realized they were far too delicate to place on a table or place on a nail and hang on the wall.  They needed protection…a box to place them in.  Now I’m getting into an area that I never planned to go to.  Boxes holding art pieces just hasen’t been my thing…but it is now!



I have put the largest into a frame with glass in front, and not wanting to remove it, I forgot to take a picture before putting it together.  The picture I did take, has a my reflection in the glass.  I apologize for this, I’m sure many of you can relate to this.

Woodland Spirit Doll

Woodland Spirit Doll

This is the first of the four Woodland Spirit Dolls, all mounted into a black glass covered box.  Once I get them mounted I’m finished.  The boxes have been purchased, and to top it off, I have dropped the fourth and smallest box and broke the glass.

Way to go Karen!  Sometimes one has to shoot themselves in the foot before the finish, just to make things fun!

The third and forth of the dolls are not yet finished, but when I’ve completed them, I will definitely post them.

I very very much appreciated all of you reading my post, it keeps me going.  Thank you