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Thursday Time Out For Art



This is another way I love to paint.  I loved it when it was with WaterColor, I love it with acrylics, so when I found this my mind went crazy.  I have an entire roll of canvas I bought when it was on sale, and have only used a small portion, so this is a great time to drag out the old tube of artist canvas, and try something new!

Have you ever poured your paints?  It is so much fun, because it’s out of our hands!    As always, all bets are off with us artists.  It’s creative license we are practicing now!

Canvases Everywhere!


Last week I received an email from a friend containing a list of large-sized canvases one of her artist friends was having to sell due to a move.  My thought at the time was, what fun it would be to be able to buy them all! Moving to the remainder of emails, the seed started […]

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