Canvases Everywhere!


Last week I received an email from a friend containing a list of large-sized canvases one of her artist friends was having to sell due to a move.  My thought at the time was, what fun it would be to be able to buy them all! Moving to the remainder of emails, the seed started growing, and pretty soon I was thinking,  “Why Not!”  A little more thought went into the subject of obtaining several large canvases for future projects, when all of a sudden I found myself returning the email.  In it I said…..

I am interested in all the canvases you have left!  Did I just write that?  Sometimes the thought of painting on a smaller canvas is paralyzing, but painting on a wall is a fun project for me.  So I thought maybe having a large canvas would be more like a wall, and therefore easier to create upon.  At this point all I can say is,  we’ll see!  It’s one thing to think it, and quite another to do it!

After receiving a call from the artist with all the canvases, arrangements were made to pick them up.  With my son Chris by my side, we found our way into Escondido, where the canvases were all stacked and waiting to go.  Neither Chris or myself thought the largest  3’x5′ canvas would fit into my Prius.  We made arrangements to return for it later, and after putting the rear seats down, Chris set about loading them.  Just to make sure the canvas wouldn’t fit, Chris started by trying the largest first, and to our surprise, it did fit!  We wouldn’t have to make the trip twice!   After that, the six remaining canvases were easy to put in.  Back hatch closed,  thank you’s said, we were on our way home.

There is nothing like seeing the work of another artist up front and personal to perpetuate creative energy in another artist!  Her work was wonderful, inspiring, and being a mixed media artist, we certainly could relate to one another.  Her ideas were fresh and  different!  Why didn’t I think of that?   My mind was soaring with excitement.  Excitement for what I had just seen, excitement for my newest score,  excitement for the ideas flooding into my brain!  It was so exciting, I’m glad I had my son with me because a couple of times I forgot where I was, and how to get home!  Crazy huh?   I know!   Chris is an artist also, so he understood, and he was excited too for the energy the three of us shared, her technique, and his own possibilities!

As we wound around the hills on our way home, everything we looked at was looked at from the eyes of two artists taking a day trip, and talking of their good fortune.  Soon it will be time to drag out all the paints, and start creating!  You haven’t heard the last of this saga, I have only just begun!

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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