Just A Lazy Rainy Day


All through the night the rain came down!  The sky was still cloudy, and drizzling, we were being given a fresh new day to experience.  Everything smelled cleaner, the plants looked happier, and fresher!  There was no watering for us to do, for mother nature was doing it for us!

How does one find energy to do much of anything but curl up with a good book, and a blanket, or watch a movie with popcorn?  How can we get inspired to do an art project, or even a sketch?  The fact is, some of us have more energy in this kind of weather, some of us hibernate.  I’m a Momma Bear when fall, and winter comes.  I have zero motivation to go out when it’s cold, or dark!  I find it incredibly difficult to drag anything out for a project, the house is cold, and damp, all I want to do is eat, and veg out!  A certain amount of this is no doubt nurturing for us, but at what point does it get bad for our health, and definitely bad for our psyche?  Gray clouds and rainy days become depressing for many of us, and this is a good time to think about how to avoid that before those days are here!

Sometimes I paint rocks, or doodle, maybe even some journaling, but after that,  all bets are off!  Since committing to this blog, and at least a sketch to go with it,  helps me  not to think about the weather, or food and concentrate on creating images, and words, maybe suggest a place to have an Art Date with a friend!   Getting together with my art sisters is always a creative lift.  We all feel like we’ve just received a huge package of creative energy after our day together, coming home with new ideas, and techniques!   If you haven’t started this practice, I highly recommend  an art day now, and then!

On those dreary, cloudy, drizzly, damp, cold days, lets give ourselves a break.  Maybe we need a break once in a while, enabling us to fill up our creative minds!   I get my ideas from everywhere;  TV, going to the beach,  nature, sometimes just a label off a package at the grocery store is enough to spark my creative mind.  Another place that has given me insurmountable ideas is Pinterest.   Normally, I’d say  the computer is a dark hole, and sucks up time, and energy, but that may be the only exposure we can get at a time when it’s difficult to leave the house.  Curl up with a good book, light a fire in the fireplace,  sit at the computer, go on Pinterest, watch a great movie, or go to a movie if you can pry yourself out of the house, whatever it takes to nourish the muse, and for now “Don’t worry about it!”

Sunday was  one of those days, it was drizzly, windy, chilly, off and on gloomy, and there was lots to do in the studio, with many unfinished projects.  But Sunday  was to be a day for vegging!   I couldn’t have painted a puddle, that was even more energy than I had for art yesterday, so I didn’t even do  that!   However, the painting included for this rainy Sunday afternoon is of a watercolor from years ago entitled,   “Tulips in The Rain.”  

Movies with popcorn was my ticket for Sunday afternoon!  I hope you had as relaxing, and nurturing a Sunday as I  did!

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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