This Time It’s Halloween!


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Every Halloween I make Art Trading Cards (ATC’s) for my four grand-kids.  I usually spend weeks on them just to get them perfect for each of them, and I’ve created these for several years now.  However this year, as you know, I’ve been caught up in skulls,  and thought it would be nice to change things up a little.  So, I have purchased several different skulls to choose from each time thinking I’d found the perfect skull.  Not  so!  There have probably been at least three times the perfect skull has found me in a store, and today wasn’t an exception!  I told my husband this morning,  not to let me anywhere near a store with skulls, I’m out if control!

I have taken pictures of the skulls  to choose from, and later today, I’ll take a break from the big skulls to work on the little skulls!

After the grocery shopping, and lunch, finally there was time for the skulls.  A couple of the smaller skulls got their first coat of flo-pink, and one of the black glittery skulls found its way to the spot by the paints.  You wouldn’t think so, but they are really fun to decorate.  Being much smaller, there is much less to do, but my philosophy with these skulls is, “More is Better!”

Like every other artists studio, there is just about anything an artist could possibly need, want, or use!  Once again, I went on a scavenger hunt for different supplies to make each skull just a little more individual.   FYI: Everyone but me probably already knows this, but anything anyone could possibly want to learn to do is on YouTube!   After searching for all kinds of ideas, the best ones were the Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorials.  There are so many tricks, and short cuts I never would have thought of, believe me I was so glad I sat through a few before tackling all these  faces.  Just about everything that is done in the name of make up, can be done in the name of decorating a skull!

Two smaller skulls are finished, and only four are needed,  but as usual there are way more than four skulls.  This is my reasoning;  some may  look like they should go to one or the other of the grandkids specifically, or maybe they didn’t turn out as well as planned, if there are several to choose from, I’m covered!    I t’s the same way  with ATC’s also!   The two I’ve finished are certainly different from what was expected, but they always are.  Tell me what you think!   Do you have suggestions, ideas, or maybe you just plain don’t like them…..   Go ahead tell me, I can take it, I’m a big girl!

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