What Doesn’t Kill Us…


After being out of work for a while, and prior to working for an organization that didn’t treat him very well, my son-in-law John became part of the Kirby Team!  Kirby, to its credit is a long-standing company that manufactures vacuum cleaners here in the Good Old USA!  There seems to be more, and more products surfacing that are made in America, and I am finding them each and every day.  Clearly, the skulls have been imported probably from China, but since we aren’t eating them, or spreading them all over our bodies, I’ve made an exception.  Throughout the holidays last year,  we were all looking for gift items that had been manufactured here in our own country, only to find it nearly impossible!  In the last ten months it’s wonderful to see many more things that are American made!

While growing up, I remember my  Grandma, and my Mother  vacuuming, spit-shinning the furniture, changing sheets, and cleaning the bathroom, and kitchen with Lysol.  Every time I smell pine scented  cleaning products it brings back a flood of memories from my childhood, and always brings a smile to my face!  Clearly they were both dedicated to keeping a clean home, and setting a standard  for all of us kids to follow!  Over the years my homes have been every bit as clean, spending all day  on a Saturday scrubbing, dusting, changing sheets, polishing, and watering all the house plants,  and everything else that is on the list for a spotlessly clean home. They would both be proud!  As I look back, I can’t imagine how there were enough hours in my day  to work a full-time job, care for a family, a small farm with barn yard animals, the paperwork for a trucking business, and all the other duties of a mother, wife, shuttle driver, and zoo keeper!  Gratitude fills my heart when I think about  the rooster that helped me get up early to feed the masses!

Happily I would sit  through a demo in the name of  training  a working son-in-law!  So when John came over  I was not only willing to listen, but I realized how much happier he was to be working for a company that actually was decent, and valued the hard, and honest  work  he had dedicated to his old employer for over twenty years.  They had no idea John was a workaholic, and this was their lucky day!

My family has a history of  allergies, and hay fever  without any relief.  Wheezing, and coughing, unable to figure out what is causing them, and  John may have an answer for me that even the allergists couldn’t come up with!   To see the Kirby in action was a shock to say the least!  I knew my old vacuum had not been working for some time, but that was the cleaning lady’s problem.  Holding her feet to the fire, I insisted the house be spotless just like when I was cleaning, and knowing just because you could see the dirt whirling around, didn’t mean she was getting it all!  What a shock it was to realize we were all dirty pigs, and it wasn’t even the cleaning lady’s fault!!!   So without being coerced, I jumped in , and purchased the Kirby.   Now the fun begins!  Was this impulse buying? Probably, but my old vacuum hadn’t worked in years, and we did need new one anyway!

We are in day ten of a cleaning frenzy, the house smells cleaner, Mama’s happier, my husband Les is exhausted, and Daisy our dog keeps looking around, and smelling the carpets.  What’s that all about?  The carpets must smell different, because the Kirby is sucking up dirt so hard, it’s coming from under the slate floors. I won’t tell you what we’ve retrieved in the name of a clean house , but again I realized we are nothing but “Dirty Pigs!”  My Dad use to say to us frequently, “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!”   Dad never addressed the allergies we all had, and we never had the opportunity to have a vacuum like this one.   I wonder what my mother, and grandmother would have said if they had seen what was left unseen?

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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