Just Another Journal Cover


Today I’m working on adding one more journal to my collection. This time it will be a watercolor journal, something that’s easier for me to use since it’s all about mixed media! As I’ve blogged before, a journal isn’t ready to go unless it has some clothes and jewelry on! By this I mean, I like to decorate the front of my journals prior to using them. For me this started years ago when taking the Artist Way Workshop. In this workshop we created many things over the weeks, and one was helping us to connect with our muse!   Ever since then, all my journals have had some sort of cover.

Since I have fun with stencils, and layering this is how I’m starting this project. Once the piece of watercolor paper has been painted, stenciled, and whatever else happens, it will then be glued to the cover of the journal. The last journal was a disappointment because after decorating the cover, I realized I really didn’t like the paper. It needs to be heavy paper such as watercolor paper so as to take the abuse it will eventually get. One problem is, the journals with heavy paper have considerably fewer sheets. The other problem is I’m always trying to save money by using coupons from places like Michael’s or Aaron Bros.

Today I sprayed a layer of yellow,one of  light gray, then collaged some paper, maps, and copper on top.  After that, the scraping of gesso is used  so it’s lightly covered in places, and more heavily covered in others places.  Finally a little color was added with the help of a fine mist of water.  Is it finished?  Probably not!  I think it needs some bling!  This is what I came up with…..

If you’ve never covered a journal before, it’s so much fun and each one can be different. Like most artists, there are several, as in lots of visual journals on my shelves, and it’s fun from time to time just to sit and look at them.  They are always different, and always fun.

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