Skidding into Fall


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Sunday was a relaxing day spent with my friend Barbara while my husband was at home watching football, and our dogs were playing in her garden. Barbara has a huge yard with an organic vegetable garden, and orchard full of fruit trees, a magic waterfall complete with Koi pond, a sunken garden, a garden down below, a huge deck, a treehouse, chickens, no wonder she doesn’t want to leave, and she encourages everyone to sketch in her yard! It’s so relaxing and wonderous, and I often don’t want to return home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home, but we don’t have all that, and it’s fun to visit somewhere that’s rather like another time and place!

As we’re sitting talking, and discussing  our different styles, and perspectives on art, in the back of my mind I’m thinking Utopia!  There couldn’t be a more perfect place to spend an afternoon, good friends, ice tea, fabulous garden, relaxing waterfall, it was all right at our feet!

My sketch  is of the waterfall spilling out into a  Koi pond that  holds several fish, all different flavors, and sizes! It sits among beautiful plants, and trees with a large deck on one side. Sitting  next to this gurgling waterfall,  watching the Koi swim lazily in front of me, made me want to curl up, and take a long nap! A perfect beginning to fall…

Because Barbara’s garden is so beautiful I’ve included a few photos to look at.  Usually, I wouldn’t post photos, but frankly I couldn’t even begin to sketch this garden and do it justice, so this is your lucky day!

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