And The Search Begins!


Yesterday, my husband and I started looking for rugs!  In the short-term I wanted a rather small flexible throw to put over our ottoman so the animals wouldn’t leave it covered with fir, and footprints.  I’m also noticing how we both seem to put our feet up, and a fabric foot stool isn’t going to last long if I don’t protect it.  Not very bright of me to buy a

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 ottoman with burlap covering it!  So the search began!

While we were searching at Cost Plus, Pier I, and a couple just in case places, it suddenly dawned on me that my husband thought we were looking for a large area rug for the living room.  Isn’t this par for the course?  Did I forget to mention this, or was he not listening?  Is this a “senior moment,”  more commonly known as a brain fart, or an ear problem aka: hearing aid problem, low batteries, forgotten installation of the device, possibly dropped into the shower accidentally?  At any rate, here we are looking for two separate rugs, No wonder we were having trouble finding what we were looking for!  But, now we’re looking for two rugs, one small, one about 9′ x 12′ in size.

We didn’t find any rugs, and will continue to look for them, but here is what we did find!  Totally unrelated to our search at Cost Plus, there was this single, colorful bath  towel we fell in love with, and here was my thought process.   This would work to throw over the ottoman while we’re searching for a small throw rug.  Meanwhile, my husband Les has this blank look on his face that told me he hadn’t a clue!  It was at that point I realized we weren’t on the same page,  not even close!  Then as I scoured Cost Plus, ’cause you can’t go in there without looking at everything because, you just never know,  I found these small wood carved block stamps.  OMG,  I had to have them!  Envisioning using them to stamp fabric, paper, &  journal pages.  My heart be still!  You know the feeling?

Next I found this metallic skull hanging in the Halloween section,  I had to have it.  “What are you going to use that for” Les asked?  By now he is use to my finds in the name of art, and rarely questions my creative side.  Good thing, because it’s dangerous to get in the way of a creative thinker!   What am I going to use the skull for?  This is another one of those, “you never know” things!  I’m going through my skull phase admittedly, and for some reason they attract my artistic side, I just can’t help myself!  Isn’t it a perfect time to collect skulls, it just happens to be fall, and Halloween is just around the corner?

How about you?  Do skulls attract you also, or is there something else spooky, or interesting from this time of year that catches your interest, and you just have to have it?

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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