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The Impossible is Possible!

Garden Fantisy

Garden Fantasy

After agonizing over this, and thinking about what my friend would have painted, I finally decided to do it my way!

It’s really finished, I only have two more much like this one to work on, and although I’d like to do them differently, only time will tell if that will happen.  Bob Burridge mentioned in one of his monthly news letters that he was using Cold Wax to seal watercoler paintings, so that’s what I did.  I very carefully covered it with cold wax, and lightly buffed it.  It didn’t run, or transfer, and worked just fine.

The frame is the only thing left to decide on.  I don’t do frames any longer so I thought I’d mount it on canvas with some sort of border.  I’m not sure right now exactly what this means ,because I have to find a canvas that’s the correct size for not just the painting, but a little extra size for a border.

Part of my inspiration comes from Zebra Designs & Destinations.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen a post from Z, so this is a shout out to them as well.  Z is always an inspiration, and living in  Equador, it is so different from the US that I’m fascinated with what goes on there, and how Z finds time to be creative.


Thursday Time Out for Art!

Abstract Mixed Media

Abstract Mixed Media

A Little of This and…A little of that!

This  little 12″ X 12″ canvas is the result of experimenting with wild abandon.   For me….It’s a miracle!  Some little thing in my brain stretched, and twisted, and turned until I was pulling all kinds of things from the dark corners of my studio, and this was the result.  My “PLAN,” would be to continually be creative in this direction.  That’s my plan, but we all know, sometimes the best plans don’t always turn out the way we had planned.  

I had so much fun with this one that it’s presently sitting in the Escondido Municipal Gallery for a show.  If my muse sticks around and I treat her with lots of goodies, maybe I can pull more off, enough to continue growing and creating in a non-objective abstract way!  One can only hope right?

My inspiration frequently comes from many directions.  I see colors I love together in fabric stores, or I watch a video and they are using something new I haven’t experimented with yet.  I get much inspiration from Zebra Design & Destinations.  Z lives in Equator, and not just paints, but creates on many levels.  I’m in awe of how she lives and creates. Cathy Carey has been a huge influence with style and color.  Bob Burridge for his fun and loose abstracts, and still I struggle.  If you look long enough, you can find artists that really touch something in your heart, and can learn from.  Regardless of what their medium, or style, I find there is always something to be learned.

I hope you like my mixed media abstract, with any luck at all…and the creeks don’t rise,  I can do more, show you more, and trigger something in you that says, “Wow, I should try that or maybe I could use this combination, or turn it a different way.”  Maybe there will be something you see, and it triggers something you had forgotten and wanted to try.

It’s all good….It’s all ART!

Thursday Time Out For Art!

Abstract from OMA class 10-7-2015

Abstract from OMA class 10-7-2015

Since every Mixed Media Artist  likes to incorporate “Mixed Media” into their work.  I’m no different, punching my artwork up with unexpected papers, lines, and anything else that will stay on a canvas.

Chris' Abstract

Chris’ Abstract

Over the weekend my son Chris and myself took an abstract class.  There aren’t many abstract classes, and I’m guessing that the reason for that is that abstract is very intuitive.  How can you teach that?  In a class of maybe fourteen, half were first time painters.  So while they got most of the help, we did our thing, and while that’s ok, we took the class in an effort to grow.  Each time we take classes, something positive happens, and in some way we did learn something, and I don’t think it was a waste at all.  Now I’m on the lookout for something a little more inspiring.

We had a great day taking this class together.  This is something we haven’t done before, and something we may do again.

Thursday Time Out For Art is sponcered by Zebra Designs & Destinations.

Thursday Time Out For Art


I thought maybe some of you might like this.  It’s creative, fun, and you’ll be surprised at the results.  I’ve  used this technique in many workshops, and we always have fun doing it. I found it on YouTube, as I do many interesting videos.

Inspiration and Time Out For Art are sponsored by Zebra Designs & Destinations.  If you haven’t checked them out, I hope you’ll find time soon.

Holiday Ideas…


Since we are now officially into October, the pressure is on for parents, and grandparents all over the globe.  The holidays are quickly coming, and those of us with smaller children, or children that are not so small, but are pretending to believe…(In the big man with the red suit)!  This isn’t just for those who celebrate Christmas, but celebrate the holidays in other ways as well.

The Hoverboard is just one idea for the older kid who is on the cusp of realizing if they still believe…..they will have more fun, and the holidays will still be all about them!  I know these are a little pricey, but this may be something your child or grandchild has wanted for a long time.  This little video tells you so mych about how easy it is to ride, and much more.  I have included a link to Amazon.com as a starting point for your research.  There are reviews on Amazon, and that’s where I start when researching a product I’m thinking about purchasing. FYI:  These come in different sizes, and different prices.  I’m told they are all made by the same company under different names, and I think this one is made in USA.

There is so much this time of year to do, and never enough time to do it in.  A huge effort is made in our home to relax and enjoy life regardless of the time of year.  The closer to the holidays we get the more frantic things become.  We still have little kids, who still believe, and far be it for me to tell them otherwise.  It is the children who make the holidays special in any home.

Sales, Sales, Sales

Any minute now we should be getting the holiday sale catalogues and adds for stuff you don’t even want.  Yippy…..more junk mail.  Soon we’ll need a larger recycle barrel.

Still it’s an exciting time, and as a grandma….I’ll will never get away  cheeply.

Thursday Time Out For Art

Lady in a hat.

Lady in a hat.

Did you ever just start fooling around with an idea, and it turned out totally opposite of what you had planned?  That is exactly what happened to me.  I started with a 1/4 sheet of Yupo paper, and coated one side with clear matt medium.  The matt medium coats the surface of Yupo which is actually a plastic sheet, not paper at all.  I tried painting on it when I worked with water colors, and never could get it to where I loved using it.  So why not try it with acrylics?  Everyone said, coat it with a medium so the acrylic paint will stick.  In reality I coated a plastic sheet with a plastic medium.  I’m not really sure why I had to do that.

Now that the Yupo is coated,  eliminating the spontaneity of the clean plastic surface.  I shot myself in the foot that time.  Would this really stick better with a coating of medium, maybe but I haven’t tested the uncoated Yupo to find out.

Before I knew what was happening…….I sketched out a lady on a couch.

What was I thinking?

Someone has to keep an eye on me because I keep slipping back into reality.  Isn’t it bad enough we have to live in reality, now I have to spend all my creative time in reality also!  I do not like to paint realism, that’s what cameras are for.  I like to live, and paint in an abstract world.

Think abstract, breathe abstract, and paint abstract!  

It’s interesting how you think your going one direction, and the next thing you know you’ve made a severe right turn, and there it is…….

something least expected!

Thursday Time Out For Art is sponsored by Zebra  Designs & Destinations.  Check them out, and the journey they are taking that is filled with ideas, adventures, and art.