Thursday Time Out For Art

Lady in a hat.

Lady in a hat.

Did you ever just start fooling around with an idea, and it turned out totally opposite of what you had planned?  That is exactly what happened to me.  I started with a 1/4 sheet of Yupo paper, and coated one side with clear matt medium.  The matt medium coats the surface of Yupo which is actually a plastic sheet, not paper at all.  I tried painting on it when I worked with water colors, and never could get it to where I loved using it.  So why not try it with acrylics?  Everyone said, coat it with a medium so the acrylic paint will stick.  In reality I coated a plastic sheet with a plastic medium.  I’m not really sure why I had to do that.

Now that the Yupo is coated,  eliminating the spontaneity of the clean plastic surface.  I shot myself in the foot that time.  Would this really stick better with a coating of medium, maybe but I haven’t tested the uncoated Yupo to find out.

Before I knew what was happening…….I sketched out a lady on a couch.

What was I thinking?

Someone has to keep an eye on me because I keep slipping back into reality.  Isn’t it bad enough we have to live in reality, now I have to spend all my creative time in reality also!  I do not like to paint realism, that’s what cameras are for.  I like to live, and paint in an abstract world.

Think abstract, breathe abstract, and paint abstract!  

It’s interesting how you think your going one direction, and the next thing you know you’ve made a severe right turn, and there it is…….

something least expected!

Thursday Time Out For Art is sponsored by Zebra  Designs & Destinations.  Check them out, and the journey they are taking that is filled with ideas, adventures, and art.

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