Thursday Time Out for Art!

Abstract Mixed Media

Abstract Mixed Media

A Little of This and…A little of that!

This  little 12″ X 12″ canvas is the result of experimenting with wild abandon.   For me….It’s a miracle!  Some little thing in my brain stretched, and twisted, and turned until I was pulling all kinds of things from the dark corners of my studio, and this was the result.  My “PLAN,” would be to continually be creative in this direction.  That’s my plan, but we all know, sometimes the best plans don’t always turn out the way we had planned.  

I had so much fun with this one that it’s presently sitting in the Escondido Municipal Gallery for a show.  If my muse sticks around and I treat her with lots of goodies, maybe I can pull more off, enough to continue growing and creating in a non-objective abstract way!  One can only hope right?

My inspiration frequently comes from many directions.  I see colors I love together in fabric stores, or I watch a video and they are using something new I haven’t experimented with yet.  I get much inspiration from Zebra Design & Destinations.  Z lives in Equator, and not just paints, but creates on many levels.  I’m in awe of how she lives and creates. Cathy Carey has been a huge influence with style and color.  Bob Burridge for his fun and loose abstracts, and still I struggle.  If you look long enough, you can find artists that really touch something in your heart, and can learn from.  Regardless of what their medium, or style, I find there is always something to be learned.

I hope you like my mixed media abstract, with any luck at all…and the creeks don’t rise,  I can do more, show you more, and trigger something in you that says, “Wow, I should try that or maybe I could use this combination, or turn it a different way.”  Maybe there will be something you see, and it triggers something you had forgotten and wanted to try.

It’s all good….It’s all ART!

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