The Week Before Easter


It’s spring break

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Around here the traffic is heavy, the restaurants are packed, shopping is difficult, & finding a parking spot nearly impossible! I say this only because, I’m not the one on spring break. Not me, I’m older than dirt, and all we do is complain about the “young wiper snappers!”

Not So…

I rarely complain, except to complain to a complainer about their complaining! As a matter of fact, I make it a practice to say only good things, and if I ever say anything bad about anyone, I always say,  “Bless their heart!” One of my friends told me that you can say anything you want about anyone without consequences, if you follow it with “Bless their heart!” That’s how you get away without being struck dead by lightning and stuff!

The week before Easter…

That was the week it turns out was my grandson Connor’s spring break, and this is where he landed. Yep that’s right, here at grandmas house. Sounds quaint doesn’t it? My son-in-law John is still here working in my son’s yard next door, so there is a slight distraction for Connor. He comes here with his dad, and gets to catch lizards, work in my studio, swim, or today he brought his metal detector.


It would have been cool if he had found the treasure he was looking for. I guess it’s the kind of thing you have to practice doing for a long time in order to find truck loads of money!  Connor is a determined kid, and smart also, so if there is money to be found, I’m guessing he’ll find it!  And I’m hoping he finds it here so I get it, and I can get away with giving him a finder’s fee!

It’s been a long week!

By the end of the week, Connor was ready to stay home, Grandpa was ready for some peace and quiet, and I was ready to paint. I have to admit, it’s difficult to find energy to stand and paint when it’s been a zoo all week. But, small blocks of time to paint are possible, and that’s where I’ll be, in my studio painting, if anyone wants to find me!

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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