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Sometime life leaves us looking, and feeling like one more step, and that’s it!

This week is one of those times, with our house being  torn up to replace our two-year old bamboo floors that have warped and splintered, I feel a bit run over by a truck.  The demolition has begun, and the floors will be entirely stripped of bamboo, and the glue sanded off.  I’m trying to stay calm, and not stress, but it’s a big mess, and many of the smaller things had to be boxed and removed from the site…… us.  The larger furniture the workmen will handle.     All my artwork….. down and in a box, all drapes….the same.  The bamboo will be replaced with a manufactured hickory, and even though I didn’t get the bamboo I was hoping for, I’m counting on it not splintering or warping, and giving us many good years of beautiful floors.

Breathe is the name of the game, I tell myself it’s a journey, one of adventure, and excitement!

What will tomorrow bring?  More chaos, but one more day closer to putting it all back together, and restoring calm.

The Little Gecko Without A Tail!


For several days after Crunch was brought home, he wasn’t eating or drinking water.  After Thanksgiving Day after everyone holding him, talking to him, and passing him around from kid to kid and adult to adult, he was really stressed.

Finally Sage who works wonders with all animals,  quietly sat with him,  put a little food on his nose and placed him at the edge of his food dish.  This seemed to be the trick that brought Crunch around to eating once again, and soon he started laping droplets of water off the leaves in his terrarium.  Now Crunch is back on track!


Thursdays Time out for Art

Dennis Bergstrom

Dennis Bergstrom


A couple of years ago my son Dennis was contracted to play music for a large vacationing group on the Island of Tavarua.  This is a video taken of Dennis while he was having coffee in the main house one morning.  He lives, and breathes his guitar.  Although his first love would be the ocean, the beach, and surfing.

Tavarua in the morning…..

Dennis is also the owner of B.Entertained, and is locan to San Diego County.

Thursdays Time out for Art is hosted by Zebra Designs and Destinations.  Todays post features the art of music.

Day18: Aloha Spirit


While each of you are trying to figure out what to write on Day Eighteen, I have to be out-of-town.  I needed to leave at O dark hundred, won’t return until later this evening, and after driving all day, I   didn’t have  any time, or energy left to follow instructions…..I hate instructions anyway!

This is my way of fulfilling a writing assignment that I never knew.  In is’t place, maybe a little inspiration would be great for us all, it never hurts!