Thursdays Time out for Art…


Inspired by Zebra Designs & Destinations, this is my final post for the month of July…..


Sage's hand made doll.

Sage’s hand made doll.

My Granddaughter Sage recently spent a couple of days with us, and while she was here she asked to make a doll.  Shamefully, I purchased the muslin doll at Michael’s, and Sage picked out the buttons she insisted needed to be the eyes, the jewel nose, and I found the heart in my stash  for the “Heart!”  I had bought hair at her request, and misplaced it, so I found the yarn for hair in my stash.  Since I was unable to find clothes to buy, I sent her home with a doll without clothes for her mother to find!

Isn’t it wonderful being a Mixed Media artist, and saving all the things that speak to you, and then just when you need it most – looking through all the stuff – you find the perfect yarn for hair, or a perfect red heart to place on the chest of a special doll?  Pulling out my trusty glue gun, a needle, and embroidery thread… all came together!

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