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This is what happens when you are standing at a reptile store when someone just happens to drop off a pet rat.  My granddaughter Sage had to rescue it so it wasn’t used for food.

She had to save his life, and that is my sweet Sage. All my grandkids are  savers of critters. And critters they have.   After convincing her dad that the rat needed  saving, she went back to the reptile store to get him. Now he lives in a wonderful terrarium, with all the primo food and love he needs.

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Heat Lazy Part 2


This week is considerably cooler, even the humidity isn’t so bad. The air is still on, and we are still glued to the TV, and reports of the horrendous hurricanes that are happening in the Southeast. Les and I haven’t stopped worrying about everyone since before Harvey hit Houston. Other than donating money, clothes, etc, Les and I can’t participate, or help in other ways. So we watch and listen.
Meanwhile, I need to stay busy, and my busy is usually my art. This week I’ve been working on my third Prayer Flag, and more tags.

Being a Mixed Media artist gives me an excuse to save all kinds of little things.  Bags of things know one else wants or needs, pieces of fabric, anything you can imagine somewhere in my stash of goodies….I have it.   Putting it to work is key in this process.

Heat Lazy!


While the entire West coast is battling this horrible heat and even worse humidity,  I’m more zapped of energy than usual. We live about ten miles off the Southern California coast, and while you’d think it would be cooler here, it isn’t.  It’s actually hotter here than some places inland. I said some, other places are still miserably hotter.   Here on the coast, we didn’t sign up for this. In fact we pay high prices (not willingly)  to live here with the promise of ocean breezes and cooler weather.   There isn’t any debating it, we’ve been ripped off!  Big time.  As the weather changes everywhere, our weather here in “Paradise ” is also changing.   Paradise isn’t the same as when we moved here.  

It isn’t my style to spend time complaining, and my point isn’t to rag on Mother Nature. What I’m trying to say is this…..  in the heat and humidity my energy level changes. It also changes in the winter when it gets dark early and cold. I have a small window available to be creative on a large scale. Sometimes when an artist is tapped out, they do things like veg out, or do other kinds of art escapes on a much smaller scale. Don’t get me wrong, I do my fair share of vegging out while my mind is “thinking.”  That’s called replenishing the well.  In this case the well of creative energy.   My creative energy goes way up when I get together with my art sisters, or look at ideas on YouTube or even Pintrist. 

Last weekend it was both hot, and humid.  My husband and I stayed inside to wait out the high temps, and sticky weather. But I can’t just look at the wall, or watch TV all day. Even journaling was difficult to do, so I decided to create in a different way, an even smaller way. 

As I started to work, I slowly began to get lost in inspiration. Little by little small ideas came to mind, and I remembered a box of trinkets just waiting for something to call home. One thing led to another, and before I knew it I was starting another tag for my Tag Journal. 

Since I published this by accident, after working for a couple hours cleaning my studio, I’m going to finish it up next week. 

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Awakening The Creative



Last Thursday night I was inspired to attend a lecture, and hands on painting class at the Oceanside Museum of Art.  The lecture was about Pablo Picasso, Henri Monet, and their similarities.  It could  have gone on for another hour, and everyone would have  been glued to the screen. All of the artists came away inspired and ready to create a one of a kind master piece…including myself!

My own brushes were at my side (I”m no dummy), ready for the gates to open, and the bell to ring!  After selecting a pallet of colors, a piece of watercolor paper (because, well…I know what to do with W/C paper), and some black and white copies of paintings each artist had created in their careers, I was loaded with ideas!  My intent was to create an abstract face.  But for some reason the first painting I created, if you can call it that, wasn’t a face at all.  It was abstract all right, it’s up to you to decide exactly what it is!!!

Now,  this was the time to let go, and do something I’ve been wanting to do….  It didn’t help that we were using acrylic craft paints.  They don’t dry very fast, and they haven’t a lot of pigment.  It seems to me that if you are truly an artist, it should be a snap to work with whatever you have, but I guess that means I’m not an artist.   After the first abstract, I was so deflated that I almost gave up.   The thing is, I don’t give up!  And that is why I went back to the table, grabbed a canvas,  and created my first “abstract self.”  It’s titled “Now and Then!”

The process was so much fun, and because I was squeezing it in at the end of the class, there was a time constraint.  To me that said…hurry,hurry,hurry!  I think I work better under pressure!

Friday morning I turned on my computer to check my email, and I found this podcast waiting for me.  It was  perfect timing?  After being surrounded with people huffing, and puffing, sighing, and grunting because they were afraid to put a brush to a canvas in fear of making a mistake, I decided to write my blog about this very thing.  The podcast is short, it only takes a few minutes, but worth the time.

 Awakening the Creative…

I hope you enjoy listening to  the ” Intuitive Painting Process. ” Thanks for checking in on Stone Soup, see you soon!