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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

When all through the house,

Only Kramer was stirring, in hopes of a mouse!

The socks were placed in the dryer with care, desiring warm feet, as we waited by it’s side.

Daisy was nestled all snug on her bed, while visions of frolicking dancing in her head.

IMG_0663 2.JPG

Les in his boxers, and I in my Tee, had just settled in for some really good TV.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, we sprang up to see just what was the matter.

The moon on the ground shown the drenching of rain, it’d been pouring for days with much to be gained.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, a miniature sleigh, and two mechanical deer.

It all worked in sequence, with lights blinking fast, a Santa with presents, set up on the grass!

The names of the reindeer we couldn’t make out, as hard as we tried to figure it out,

One had to be Rudolph with his nose shinning bright, the other was Comet sitting just out of sight!

Off to the kitchen to make us some tea, we’ll eat a few cookies, while we watching TV.


In our heads we both knew, it was the right thing to do to wish all  of you …

“A Merry Christmas,” and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

The shopping is finished, with all kinds of gifts.


It’s finally our time to take a deep breath!

Every year I think I’m going to cut back, then I see some new things, and I just can’t resist!

This year again, all my shopping, with little exception came from the internet!

I  always think I’m incredibly clever to be able to pull this off – shopping without leaving the house.  The only thing better than ordering from Amazon, is if Santa himself dropped them at out front door  all wrapped and ready to go.  I would leave a key under the mat if Santa would do that for me!

Fortunately this year, I shopped wise, and quick, all in a months time.  The gifts have been wrapped for over a week, and there isn’t any stress in this house!

Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas. May the time spent with friends and family be magical. I wish everyone good health, warm nights, safe travel, and a happy New Year!

This is Christmas Eve…the family will be here for dinner.   I had minute, and I choose to use it to speak to you my dear friends and wonderful followers.  As usual, in the New Year I hope to do more experimenting, and sharing.  More growth creatively….are you in?

Until next year…..

Prayer Flags Again


This flag has been created by Maxine Custer. Maxine has worked on this for about three weeks, and I am amazed at how it started, and where it h as ended.



On the other hand, my third flag is finished, and I’m planning on at least two more to hang on my patio.

I’m so proud of how my friend is creating, and to the extent she is creating, it makes me so grateful for her friendship. Maxine has always been generous in sharing her creativity with everyone, and I’ve learned so many things from her.


Thank you for visiting Stone Soup, see you later.

Thursdays Time Out For Art…

A Beautiful January morning.

A Beautiful January morning.

Part of our morning walks is over several blocks of our neighborhood. The half way point of our walk is the center of our neighborhood, and a lovely median with large pine trees, and even some magnolia trees.  I always let Daisy stop, and sniff around so she knows who has been out that day, and who is missing their morning walk.  One morning when we had the lastcold snap,  Daisy and I walked the hood when it was 41 degrees out.   I don’t have to tell you, I was all bundled up with a scarf, gloves, and a warm coat.  It worked, I was warm, and after a few minutes, I realized the beauty of a cold, crisp morning, and started to see beauty everywhere.

I love the shadows, and remember when watercolor was my medium to, and was learning how to make shadows fun, and interesting.   I have painted many shadows, many colors, but what I finally realized was that I loved abstract shadows.

What color would you make these shadows if you were painting them?   Would they be gray, blue, or something else?  Since  everything  that is in green, I’d paint in red, I think the shadows need to be violet.

What are your thoughts, ideas, or comments?

Time Out for Art!



During our trip to Sante Fe in September, we took time to visit Taos.  As we drifted in and out of the galleries, a few things made me stop, and reflect on how they were made or painted, how much I liked them, and how they  filled me with inspiration.

These dolls were expecially interesting, and creative to me.  I couldn’t help myself, so I pulled out me trusty phone & snapped a picture!


Ok, I snapped several pictures…..     This abstract caught my attention because of it’s simplicity.  It occured to me that as artists…..some of us who shall not be named…..try too hard!


I am a big fan of abstract, and this painting caught my eye immediately.  I love using opposites in my artwork……..Shamefully I snapped pictures in this gallery, but wasn’t thoughtful enough to write down the name of the artist.  I do appologise for this, and will make an effort to never make this mistake again!

Thank you for enjoying the artwork, and thank you artist whoever you are.  I’m not copying your work, just admiring it with the world.

Time  Out For Art is inspired by Zebra Designs and Destinations, please check the blog out, it originates in Equador and has  very inspiring posts.

Grandma Time


The weekend before last, my granddaughter Sage spent three days with us…….

Sage getting ready for a long weekend with Grandma, & Papa

Sage getting ready for a long weekend with Grandma, & Papa

That is exhausting, and fun all at the same time, but we were happy to have her!

Our plans included visiting friends, and her cousin Nolan,

Sage & Nolan

Sage & Nolan

and taking a little time to play….

Play time!

Play time!

shopping for doll clothes, and of course,

Doll clothes for the rag doll we made.

Doll clothes for the rag doll we made.


……creating art.

For her bathroom

For her bathroom

Her latest love of books includes The Boxcar Children…


Book 1 of the Boxcar Children Series

Book 1 of the Boxcar Children Series


Sage is eight, and she has been journaling, and writing stories for at least the last year.  I’m always impressed when she reads me one of her stories, and shows me her illustrations to go with the story.  They get better all the time, and I am bursting with pride because we love all the same things!