In The Name of Experimentation!


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Have you ever wanted to try something that may be just a little outside your comfort zone, but couldn’t push yourself to do it, or didn’t know where to begin?  Have you ever tried using cans of spray paint?  I’m not talking about tagging a fence, or block wall, I’m talking about using a surface we would normally use for our artwork, such as a canvas board, canvas, or large piece of watercolor paper.  Spray paint holds a fascination for many of us, myself included!  I have used a few cans  in my studio now and then, but I’ve never sprayed an entire painting like the following artist.

Chris Bergstrom is an abstract expressionist painter,  he rarely uses brushes, and early on only used cans of spray paint to express himself.  His paintings are slowly gaining momentum, with his latest showing in the Escondido Municipal Gallery in Escondido, Ca. later this month.  When Chris needs to have fun, and loosen up,  he gets out the cans of spray paint, and experiments!   Anything goes when it comes to spraying!  He has a large box of items such as hub caps, corkscrews, washers, and things  you could only imagine  to spray through, creating unusual shapes, and symbols.  Sometimes they are identifiable, sometimes not.  But whatever he uses in his paintings, he never uses the  same things together twice.  Each painting has a feel all its own, and I’m sure he has so much fun  painting them.  His enthusiasm, and energy is an inspiration to myself, and others.  Now-a-days, Chris mostly works on canvases, using a squeegee, sticks for markings, and sometimes even using a broom to paint with.   It must be crazy wicked fun to spread paint around with a broom!

In the name of playing with your inner child, loosening up, and even experimenting I think this says it all!  I love the idea that even though these creations are somewhat thought out, there is a wonderful freedom when they are sprayed.  This is something I can’t wait to try, but not in my studio, maybe outside where the ventilation is slightly better, and I’m able to loosen up, and breathe.

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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