Zentangle for Healing?


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While talking with an art sister the other day, she mentioned the  healing qualities that Zentangles held for her.  We discussed her reading an article that talked about therapists using this method to help eliminate   pain in patients, and get their mind off events in their lives that they were unable to otherwise control .  I had heard this before, but hadn’t known anyone that used this method for pain relief !  Zentangles can be mesmerizing for sure, and to be able to get relief by doodling – they get my vote!

It is said that they have to be done a certain way, but as far as I’m concerned once you learn how to do them, anything goes!    So I thought I’d do some in hopes that some of my readers either haven’t heard of them, or haven’t any idea how to get started.  My first suggestion is to check out  Zentangles on the internet.  The man and lady who came up with Zentangles have a few YouTube videos that are helpful in understanding how to get started.  There are also many more on YouTube that might be fun to see as well.  Again, that’s a guideline, and as you do more, you will get better, and have more fun.   Once you get the hang of it, do whatever makes you happy, after all guidelines aren’t really a help if the object is to get lost in them.  If perfection is your goal, the website is perfect!  My intent however, is to give a tool to anyone needing to escape, meditate, or just play!    I’m a recovering perfectionist, and I do not under any circumstances do anything perfect!  This is by intent!    I’m your girl if you just want to play, and have fun!

Just a side note:   Zentangles came in really handy when there was nothing to watch on TV,  but election coverage!  To that note, once I started they just kept flowing, I even shaded them with graphite pencil.  They are quirky, imperfect, and badly shaded, the next bunch will be better – this is only the beginning!   How fun was that?

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