Timing Is Everything!


We all have projects that have been started, and not finished.  My studio is full of them!  Word is that’s a trait of a mixed media artist, but somehow I don’t think it’s exclusive.  When looking in my studio, it somewhat  reminds me of a disaster area!  I know where everything is (sort of).  No one else could find anything, but when it’s put away, then I can’t find a thing.  Where’s the balance?  Admittedly, having a mess of a work space is stressful, especially if you have to search for whatever that important piece of the puzzle is!  Each time I really clean up everything, the minute another project is started, it all comes right back out once again!

Yesterday as I looked around my little room I call a studio, two things pop into my mind;  the first is how fortunate I am to have even this little space, and how ridiculous it is to have it stuffed with supplies, and not even remember what they are, or what to do with them!   The other day when my friend came over to help with the skull decorating, she was amazed at how much stuff I dragged out for her to use.  That happens when you love to do many different things!  As I searched for the unconventional things to use, even I found things that had long been forgotten.  It felt a little like Christmas to find all these possibilities, and be able to run with them!

One of the things I keep looking at in the studio, is a small square canvas with masa paper affixed to the front.  The little painting is almost finished, but awaited a few little details, and embellishments.  This would be my project for the day!  I’ve talked of masa paper in the past, and I think it’s a fun, freeing way to create art.  This technique I learned from Helen Shafer Garcia, a North County artist. Helen has a wonderful website, and a unique style if anyone would like to Google her.  Once the paper is affixed to the canvas, the skys the limit!   I’ve sketched, used watercolor to paint with, outlined with a fine line Pitt Pen,  embellished with tinted molding paste, and finally couldn’t resist a small twig on the front.  Hmmmm, what else could I use?  Does it need bling?

Yesterday was a day to devote a little time to finishing up a project that has been hanging over my head.  It may take ten or fifteen minutes, or maybe a few hours, whatever it takes to complete even a small project,  has a great feeling, you may even be able to complete a gift for the holidays!

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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