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Last Painting of 2016



As we look to the end of the year, I wrap up the last painting for 2016.  This is a watercolor painting I collages, and did a little zentangle on. When I finished I coated it with mat medium.  The experiments keep coming, but it’s time now to finish up my shopping, and wrapping. I only have a few gifts to get which consist mostly  of money. As time goes on that will be the only thing the kids want, and Papa and myself will no longer be able to bring in the surprises by way of a letter to the North Pole!

Tuesday night kicked off Christmas celebration with a family dinner at my son, and daughter-in-law’s home. All the cousins, brothers, and sisters, and the parental units (that’s us)!

Everything will move fast now, we are so close to Christmas Eve. The Eve is really my favorite because of the magic. Kids are always good, and usually anxious to go to bed at a decent hour. After all, the sooner you get to bed, the sooner you can get up.


It’s uncertain if I will get to post another blog prior to the new year, so I want to take this time to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday filled with love, and a safe and fun New Year’s Eve.   May you all go into the New Year feeling full of love and hope for the year 2017.

Time Out For Art



While I do have art to post, I thought a gentle reminder to  ~STOP OVERTHINKING~ might be helpful.  I for one am very guilty of doing this, and need a constant reminder.

I am constantly inspired by Zebra Designs and Destinations, and today Thursday is for Z.

Thursdays Time out for Art

Coffee in the Morning

Coffee in the Morning

Another masa painting on canvas.  This is a fun technique I learned from my friend Helen Shafer-Garcia.  It is perfect in its imperfection!

Thursdays Time out for Art has been inspired by Zebra Designs and Destinations.

Thursdays Time out for Art

 Barbara's Morning Glories 6" X 4" Deep Canvas

Barbara’s Morning Glories
6″ X 4″ Deep Canvas

This is an interesting technique…..I covered a canvas with masa paper that had been put in water, and rung out.  It’s a bit delicate when it gets wet, so care needs to be taken while doing this process.  I put gel medium down first,  then placed the damp masa paper on the canvas.  I will never be smooth, and you want it to be crinkly.  After it dries, I trimmed the sides, roughly sketched my subject lightly in pencil, and painted it in watercolors.  These Morning Glories were in my friends backyard, and so beautiful I couldn’t help but paint them.

I learned this technique from my friend, and teacher Helen Shafer-Garcia, check her out she is a fabulous watercolorist.

Thursdays Time out for Art is inspired, and hosted by Zebra Designs, and Destinations…