Built In Obsolescence


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Did you ever purchase something, only to have it last a very short time?  We all have, the big joke is just about everything we buy has Built in Obsolescence!  When I was a kid (here it comes) things lasted, I remember my Dad saying that all the time, “These things are made to last!”  Everything was made better!  Now days, we all joke about how things like a cell phone, or even a car doesn’t hold up like they  use to.  I know I’m sounding old, but it’s true.  One could say that it’s because those things aren’t made here in America, but I’m not going to get into that now.

A few years ago when I noticed how loud the TV was getting, and how it actually hurt my ears to sit in the same room, I purchased some  “TV Ears”  for my husband.  More recently, we have purchased another pair, since the first pair didn’t last very long.  Admittedly, there is a learning curve for  delicately, and carefully handling of the ears!   But, figuring after the first pair broke not too long after we got them, that curve had been met!  Not So!   The second pair was ordered, most likely off the internet, and I know it’s been a while, but the other night...SNAP….. the second pair bit the dust!  That certainly didn’t make me very happy since they are about $80.00 or so, and clearly aren’t made to last!  So now the big question is…..do I go ahead and go deaf, or do I purchase another pair, a third pair only to await the…. SNAP….  from that pair also?

Is there something else like headphones that are wireless, with a transmitter that hooks up to the TV that might be a better choice for heavy-handed husbands?  Or even for careful husbands!    Working with a crummy, cheaply made electronic that one can’t even hold together any longer , eeking out the last little bit of life doesn’t seem like an option any longer!

We are both slightly disgusted, and there must be a solution!   Listening to Barney Fife on the TV the little old lady has across the street, helps us understand how important it is to keep the noise down in a neighborhood with old, deaf people!   Probably headphones like we’re thinking about are more expensive, and probably not made here in the USA either, but maybe made more substantially, and conceivably  last longer!  Suggestions anyone……

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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