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With Halloween getting closer, and the projects stacking up, my energy level is starting to fade just a little.  It’s time to ask for a bit of creative help!  So my art sister,  LaRetta  came over yesterday to help with the creation of some skulls.  Part of them are for the Dia de la Muertos, but four of them are for my grandkids for Halloween.  It always helps to get ideas, and inspiration from an art sister, all of us having a little different twist on things!

Placed on the dining room table was a stack of supplies for the decorating of the metal skulls.  The trick is to create one of them to be not so scary for the smallest of grandsons.  Being three, he needs to have fun with it, not be scared into having nightmares!   The next two are six, and eight so they are really into the scary thing, and surely they would love the most gross of creations I could think of.  The last,  is almost twenty-one, so her level of scary fun things is all together different. This one I need to be even more creative in an entirely different way.  And that’s the challenge of a Grandmother, and  Artist!

We started dragging out all the possible supplies around 1:30 yesterday afternoon, and played until around 5:30 or so!  The table which was perfectly clean prior to this event, was now covered in glitter,  flowers, beads, leaves, marbles, and anything else that would work in the creation of the skulls.  By the time we finished my dining room table looked exactly like my long art table in my studio.  It doesn’t take long to make a mess!    But we sure did  have fun!

We painted, glued, decoupaged, glittered, used leaves, flowers, stones, beads, both of us believing especially in this case, “More is better!”  In the end we both walked away exhausted, and happy.  Another fun day of creating had just taken place, and we decided that in order to be the kind of  artist that we are, and  creating rather wonky things as we both do, one needs to be a little off.  A little off?  How about a lot off?   We then had a discussion about which of us was most off!   Does it sound like we are competitive or what?  This kind of creating isn’t for everyone, but everyone we know would have just as much fun as we did!  FYI:  Putting eyes in the skulls gives them a personality, and makes it much easier to create  them.  It works every time!

Finally, wanting to give credit where credit is due;  the large skull with all the flowers, and the small green, glittery skull were both created by my friend, and local artist LaRetta Small Zamora.  I love her creations, even though she is more off,  and I am really grateful for the help!   Thank you LaRetta!

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