Here Goes #2…


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Day two of the Skull Fest brings a new challenge!  How to decorate the second skull differently than the first?  This isn’t going to get any easier as the others are started!  Scanning through images on Google may help, but as many differences as there are, the more there are to choose from, the more difficult it seems to be.  I think I’m going to tackle the orange one next, it was the first painted, and certainly deserves attention.  Sitting in my studio, and pulling things from my stash, the ideas start to flow.  It will be interesting to see exactly what this skull ends up looking like.  What will it tell me?  How will it want to be represented?  By the way, do you think I should name them?  Somehow, giving them each a name  might help give me ideas for decorating them, and helping to give them personality    Don’t forget to send me your suggestions for names.

The second skull is now finished!  Personally, I’m happy with it, but it needs something else…….  maybe a crow or a spider for his head!    But searching through Michael’s, and not finding a crow didn’t help.  Todays skull started late in the day, and really I have no idea where I was going to find my inspiration!    Again, Google wasn’t helping, but once the painting started, the skull slowly seemed  to take on a life of  its own, and before I knew what was happening, this is what happened…

My studio gave birth to a Male Skull!  That certainly was not my intention, the flowers were on my table, all the colors that not only went with orange, but the colors that clashed with orange were set in place waiting their turn!   The jewels were even out, and waiting to go!  How could this happen?   I didn’t seem to have any control, a mustache appeared before my very eyes!  One thing led to another, and a spider web appeared on his head!  Oh boy, this is out of control, what do I do now?   Certainly the paint brush was being held by me, and clearly the right brain had kicked in, because I wasn’t even thinking about what was going on.  You probably have had the same experience when  creating your art, things just have a way of working themselves out!  That intuitive/right brain/mixed media thing was happening again!  This is a good thing!  

All in all, the second skull was much easier to create than the first, probably because I had zoned out for the process!     But maybe it was also because the second skull wasn’t as intricate.  Either way, the third one is next…….

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