One Down, Three To Go!


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Every project started in the name of art isn’t always finished in a day!  All artists have ongoing projects, and it isn’t any different in my studio.  Once a project is started it needs to flow, as long as my left brain stays out of the mix, that happens.  But the minute the left brain takes over, and the right brain has to click off, the trouble begins!   My studio is filled with enough ongoing projects to last a lifetime.  Unfortunately, when my right brain is taken over by the good old left brain, inspiration flies out the window, followed  by self-doubt, and causing me to rethink all my tedious creative work!  This is not a good thing!

Today I’m working on one of those ongoing projects….Skulls!  I write about skulls frequently, and admittedly, I’m in a “Skull phase.”   Recently, four skulls found their way into my studio with the intent of being decorated for Day of the Dead on November 1.  We are hosting an Open House for a few friends on that evening, and those skulls need to be ready for a celebration.  Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead is a Mexican Holiday celebrating the loved ones that are deceased.   This holiday triggers artists all over the world, and I guess a good many of us  come out of the woodwork!

My skulls have all been painted; Indian Yellow, Black, white, and fluorescent pink, my intention is to decorate all four of them not only differently, but much like the sugar skulls you see in Mexico.  They are a bit time-consuming and, I’m sure even if I work all day today, they will still need work.  However, today is a free day for me, without any obligations, or errands, so it will be a skull day all the way!  As I continue on this journey, the realization sets in letting me know how time-consuming they really are!   I’m working on the white one now, and although not perfect, a constant reminder pops into my head that,  “They are perfect in their imperfection!”  If I don’t remind myself of this continually, I’ll certainly  drive myself crazy!  Fine dexterity isn’t my thing any more.

Finally, at the end of a long art day, one skull is completed and there are three more to go!  As difficult and tedious as the first one was, I think it ended up a success.  There are many things to learn when doing a project like this – the first lesson is certainly whatever happens, it won’t be perfect, so “Don’t worry about it!”   What do you think of the first skull?   How would you have decorated it differently?   There aren’t any wrong answers, only different answers.  Diversity, and individuality makes these projects a success, so it’s all good!  I get three more tries, then it’s your turn.

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