To Cool For School!

To Cool For School!

This is such a beautiful morning, I’m so inspired by the artwork I’ve been seeing, by the slightly cooler weather, the rainy Sunday afternoon, and by the creative energy my friends so generously share!  I spent Saturday with two of my grandkids!  My granddaughter  Sage, was telling me she found a big bag of broken, used crayons at school ready to be trashed.  Sage went to the teacher , and asked if she could  have them.  Happy to rid themselves of another bag of trash, they gave her permission.  She was the happiest of campers!  I asked Sage what she was intending for the crayons, and she responded,”art work!” Used crayons to work into art, ” Now thats my girl!”

While we were on a family vacation the end of July, one of the projects I planned for the kids was to melt crayons on a canvas.  If you ever try this fun project, make sure to buy good crayons, I didn’t!  Since I had two kids to work with, and I thought I needed many crayons, I bought eight packs from the dollar store, they don’t melt very well,  and it took me two and a half days!  Finally I gave in, and   pulled out the heat gun.  Yes, even on vacation, I take my heat gun, ’cause, ” you never know!”    The crayons finally melted, Sage chose flowers to add to her work of art, and she was happily showing everyone what she had created!

Since our Monday challenge is to sketch something repurposed, I do this regularly,  I’ve been trying to think of something just a little different to show you.  We probably repurpose things without even realizing it.  Things such as using a wine bottle for a flower vase, or an empty jelly  jar as a juice glass.  I frequently cut pockets off an old pair of jeans to reuse on a journal cover, or  cut up a piece of fabric to use in a journal, or even in a painting.  What can you come up with?   Every time I think I’m really clever, one of my artist friends, shows me something I never would have thought of.    It takes a little thinking outside the box, but we can all do it!

How cool is it to make musical instruments out of fallen trees, or old spoons?  I have instruments such as these all over the house.  Drums are fun and pretty easy to make, although the one I sketched was a little more complex.  My son Chris brought me a hand made Rain Stick over the weekend, and these are the items I chose to sketch.  They really do work, and are fun to have around the house for parties, or even for the grandkids to play with when visiting!

What can you come up with?  It doesn’t have to be this complex, or it can be more so.  There are times when we have all the time in the world to create, and at times very little if any, so do what you can.  The idea is each day if we can do a little something, pretty soon the gates open up, and creativity just flows abundantly.

How about if tomorrow  the challenge is to draw and/or, paint something “green!”  Anything green, a kid green with envy,  a green dog, an avocado, the sky is the limit!  Check back to see what I created, and post yours on FB!

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